Titans Robin alleyway fight scene

That was a good action sequence. Loved when he used the tear gas and just went to town on the thugs. The use of his different gadgets was really cool to see in action. So far I am really digging this show which I thought I would not because of the first God awful trailer. Good job DC for proving me wrong.

Also he did stab a couple of people but I don’t think it was lethal stabbings like how it looked in the first trailer. Don’t think he killed anyone.

Also the one thug that he grinded his face against that stone wall is brutal.


You didn’t mention the curb-stomping.

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Yeah didn’t catch the news saying that any were dead.

He didn’t kill the main bad guy and let him walk away, he certainly didn’t kill his buds.

Yeah, I read that the reason he left “Batman” was because he kills. We’ll find out more as the season progresses.
I’ve watched that alley fight 3 times. “Robin” has a lot angst, no doubt about it, thinking back to when he was stomping the child abuser then using his bow staff. That scene didn’t bother me at all watching it in context with the show. Pics of kids bruised bodies, way to go “Robin,” “Batman would be proud👍🏻

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Awesome scene!!

It’s like who ever choreographed that understood the character and it shows. The wide angle shot when he pulled out the baton, leading up to the bo staff extension was so clutch.

And to be clear, he didn’t kill anyone.

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