Titans - Raven & Damian?

Does any one else ship Raven and Damian


I ship him and Rose.

I like the Raven and Damian combination.


They had a pretty good rapport together in Justice League Vs Teen Titans. Looks like we’ll see the two together again in JLD: Darkseid War, so maybe we’ll get some more of that. :slight_smile:


That’s true. They really did work well together in that movie.

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Age difference is too big in the comics.

Wait a few years, but i want to see him with Rose Wilson, and then Talia starts getting bright ideas about a Al Ghul/Wayne/Wilson Man bat ninjas pouring out of cloning vats. (Shake her fist and scream “LEVIATHAN!” a few times)

I liked Damian with Maps but other than that I just see him alone for the time being