titans premier was alright.

Episode was good, a little disappointed I have to wait till next week, it’s like the arrow and flash shows on CW.

Much better than Arrow or the Flash

is it just me that hates the starfire?

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I thought she was great

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@ThunderGod - I liked her fine. But it’s not just you. She seems to be fairly controversial.

Guess it’s me. I just don’t like the starfire. Love starfire in comics always have. this one. not for me.

I think the titans are titans in name only. None of the characters are properly represented.

Dick is not Bruce. Why do they make him Batman!?

I thought it was a lot better than alright

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@Carpenter.Redhook I think the story they are telling is very much about what makes Dick different than Bruce. Dick even voices this theme when he talks to his partner outside the station. Yes, he was brutal in this pilot, but it seems like he is struggling with that. I imagine the season will be about him finding himself through finding the Titans. Have faith; I think they’re doing something interesting.

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@Carpenter.Redhook - The characters were properly represented.

Starfire was sold into slavery and trained to be a killer by warlords. So, of course she has muscle memory to kill.

Beast Boy has mostly been about flirtation, comic relief and instant gratification. So, why not still a video game…as a tiger?

Raven constantly struggled with the darkness inside her. She did here too. She wanted Dick and her mom to lock her up.

Dick was trained by Batman. So why wouldn’t he have Batman tendencies. Also, Robin has killed 15 times (4 of which were dick). And then there’s the violence in Nightwing.

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