Titans on #Netflix

Anybody else heard this shit about Titans comin to Netflix? WTF am I paying for?


Are you really this naive?

  1. You paid to see it first.
  2. These are international markets getting it in January. There are other people in the world.
  3. DC will pull in money from Netflix and that means…wait for it…wait for it…profit!!

Before you post a thread like this think it through first. And if you don’t like it…move to England.

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Maybe a little less salty than @RobertScorpio,but yes- DC Universe is not available internationally. Titans is only available on Netflix internationally. Until we are able to expand, this is the way we can include everyone in the fun :slight_smile:


nothing to be worried about cause remember the people that are paying for the DC app get the content first like example season 1 of titans were all gonna see it/finish it before it even hits netflix like what if season 1 doesnt get added until season 2 of titans gets released we will be way ahead of the game and also your paying for all the older content that netflix doesnt get like netflix aint getting the flash 1990 season 1 or netflix aint getting the comics just because a show is going to netflix doesnt mean anything if anything their testing the waters to see if people like titans or not if it gets bad reviews from netflix than netflix will remove it and dc will just keep it on their stream