TITANS Official Trailer #2 has dropped! But No Where In Sight On the DCU App.

The long awaited Official Second trailer for TITANS has dropped & It’s spectacular to say the least. Hitting all the right notes, while maintaining a more mature tone with the right amount of humor. But why hasn’t DCU released it yet? They should’ve been first to have it up on the app, exclusively early before the mainstream? But instead it’s not here at all. Thoughts?

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Because it’s the Netflix trailer. The show was licensed overseas to Netflix and that trailer that hit the web is for them.


The Netflix trailer is 1000 times better than the one we got two months ago. Why?!! Americans are much pickier than the rest of the world. So why did the other markets get a better trailer? They should use that exact trailer as a second trailer for us. this trailer is being received a ton better on youtube than the one they released at comic con. DC please hire me to help with your marketing department!!

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I wouldnt say we are pickier. Most British TV shows don’t last more than 3 or 4 series. And here we are still watching Simpsons and Southpark.

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That’s true I forgot about those.

Whoa, really is better. Grayson will likely be my favorite as I expected

I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned on DC Daily or anything like that.

Since it was cut by Netflix, I assume that’s why it’s not on here and not mentioned. I mean, it doesn’t really behoove them to mention that outside the US people get it on Netflix.