Titans is getting better and better each week!!! Its phenomenal!!! Its my favorite superhero based live action tv show right now!!! Soon to be ever? 🤔

Titans Together!


Glad you are enjoying it so much it is An amazing show :heart_eyes:

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My ratings

Episode 1: 8.9/10

Episode 2: 9.3/10

Episode 3: 8.5/10

Episode 4: 7.3/10

Episode 5: 9.6/10

I love this so much

Love this show so much


Better and better every episode. I will be sad when this season is over :frowning:

Good think YJ is next

I wouldn’t call it the best but it’s pretty good. Daredevil is #1 for me

Titans is hitting on all cylinders. Love it.

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Have to admit though, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (the Teenage Witch) is a very good series. I wouldn’t be surprised if it won some type of award next year.

I agree. The build up to the story is working.

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Perfectly constructed so far, 0 complaints. Look forward to Friday every week.

Daredevil is just to damn slow. Titans is, IMO, a slow burn but doesn’t feel like one. And season two of Daredevil was not as good as season one.

Titans rules!!!