Titans Is Bad

While waitibg for the next episode of Doom Patrol I decided to go back. I watched the Titans episode that introduced Doom patrol.

It was mostly a good episode so I watched the next and it all hit me like a batarang Titans while a good start for DCU is not just bad it’s completely awful it misses everyshot Doom patrol makes, while making mistakes Doom patrol avoided.

The show has nearly no plot. Every episode it’s about dick and no story arc. Not to mention it is the quality of a YouTube originals.

I wanna hear what you guys think. If it was up to me, I would suggest Titans gets re-booted or completely canned for the animated teen titans.


I love it.


I respectfully disagree with your assessment @bluekid. Doom Patrol is A-MAZING, but Titans is a very different show and was very satisfying for me. I don’t think it was bad at all.


@batman @redhood what makes you guys enjoy the show? This is an honest question looking for genuine points of view

I probably will cancel the service because I haven’t enjoyed Doom Patrol since “Paw Patrol”. & Titans is NOT good at all. Titans was why I subscribed. & I Can’t rewatch 1 episode of Titans. Titans is awful.


It’s not a complete sh*t show like Gotham but it tries too hard to be edgy that it comes off super cringy.


I do agree that it can be cringe sometimes. I like it because I can relate to Dick.


Please don’t tell me you are ripping on Titans and Gotham but yet are a fan of the awful Nolan sepia trilogy, which butchers villains for the sake of something “easier to poduce” and appealing to non-Batman fans trying to score popularity points with masses rather than find favor with DC fans.

I like Gotham and Titans’ portrayal on Gotham City and downriver Michigan. I live near where they filmed both Batman vs Superman and Titans. It’s strange that people here are actually naturally dark, edgy and gloomy as the shows/movie suggest without trying but Detroit aka New Gotham is also statisticallly rated as the saddest/angriest city in the United States by far. That’s probably why they chose Detroit in the first place, Go figure!

“F*** Batman!”


What do you think, Zack Snyder?

“Raven kills. Robin castrates people, Beast Boy eats intestines, and Starfire blows up mental facilities with people inside. Wake the **** up. You’re living in a ****ing dream world.”

Some people are okay with these edgier interpretations. (And in this case, a lot of people are considering the show is a success.) But to ME, they change the characters so much that they’re unrecognizable. In my opinion, if you’re going to change the core values of these characters, why even use them at all? Make new characters.

“Aquaman sells opiates and the Flash is a human trafficker! Walk it off! The whole Justice League is addicted to snuff porn! Grow up!” - Stephen Colbert


Nah, that would be the fan-film called “Joker Rising” where Harley Quinn is a prostitute, Riddler is a pimp, Pengiun is a mobile home gangster, Killer Croc is a hispanic with one eye, and Joker doesn’t become the Joker til Harley dies.

Full fan-film movie here:

But yeah, leave it to the talk show host who isn’t even a real DC fan to over exaggerate to the extreme, eh? The guy who is obsessed with tearing things down which he doesn’t like or agree with lol

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It’s not bad. But it sure could be better.

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I wasn’t suggesting Colbert was an authority on this matter lol. I was just using a quote I thought humorously illustrated Zack Snyder’s perspective.

Zack made interpretations of Superman and Batman that didn’t sit well with a lot of people. And when they criticized him, what was his response? To get angry at these fans and tell them they’re wrong.

The point I think he missed is that Superman and Batman FANS are going to watch his Superman and Batman movies. And why do people like those characters in the first place? Largely for what they stand for. So when you twist and pervert what those characters represent, of course you’re going to get a lot of critics.

That’s why I shared that quote. Some character changes are just too much for the fans of that character. Don’t be surprised if they reject it.


I do not enjoy F*ck Batman, BUT in the interest of positivity, I love Donna Troy, Starfire’s look, and the Donna/Starfire mini-fight was REALLY COOL.

P.S. Don’t forget Hawk has opiod-related e-dysfunction lmao I couldn’t even type it without laughing. So cringe. His costume is cool, though.

I’ve come to the point in my life that it’s time to accept that there will NEVER be an entirely comic accurate live action interpretation.

That being said, I will say I enjoy Titans for the most part. The story, while a little simplistic, is entertaining enough to keep me engaged. The actor and actress that play Dick and Raven respectively, do a great job with their characters, in my opinion. While I had my apprehension at first, I was pleasantly surprised how well done it actually was.

I’ve definitely had problems with live action tv/movies in the last 15 years or so, but I try not to let it get in the way of actually enjoying these characters coming to life.


Honestly, this is really petty of me, but I haven’t been watching Doom Patrol precisely because I was so disappointed with Titans. Is it really better? Because then I probably owe it a watch. Like, all I’m looking for is a plot that actually moves forward and characters who aren’t universally miserable, depressing jerks. So, if Doom Patrol is just OK, I’ll continue being petty, but if it’s actually good, I’ll stop punishing the spinoff for the sins of the father.

That said, I’m definitely not going anywhere near Titans Season 2. I feel guilty enough for allowing myself to watch the entirety of the first season. Those are eleven hours I’ll never get back.



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@batjamags I don’t even like Doom patrol comics but the show is 1,000x better than Titans give it 3 episodes. Ep one you’ll be like wtf am I watching


@indestructible I loved Young Justice: Outsiders, and thought “Danny Patrol” was wonderfully weird. I’m looking forward to what’s next.

@bluekid I like how it’s building Dick Grayson up for his transition to Nightwing. Sure he has been the primary focus of the first season. But to be fair, he is the most popular character of the group.
I have a feeling season two will focus on other characters more than the first. And season 1 was a learning experience for the network. They took what they learned from there and used it on Doom Patrol. And what they learned from Titans & DP they are probably using on the other shows going forward.


For me it’s horrible and I could only stomach the first two episodes. However, that’s me and others seem to like it. To each their own.