Titans instead of Stargirl?

In the original timeline, the Stargirl series was supposed to follow Swamp Thing but instead it seems they moved Titans Season 2 into the slot. Any ideas when (or if) Stargirl is supposed to release?

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It’s still coming out at the same time, we’ll have two shows running at the same time, maybe even three with Harley Quinn coming out. :slight_smile: Same as Young Justice and Swamp Thing.

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It was moved back to spring 2020


Welp, I was wrong lol. Thanks for that, I better fact check better.


It was announced back in March that Stargirl was being pushed back to 2020.

The pilot was shown recently to a select group of viewers, and it was received positively. The cast and crew are currently filming the season finale. Seems like an 11-episode season.




Thanks for that!

As much as I don’t like the delay on Stargirl, I think moving forward with S2 of Titans quickly was a smart move.

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How amny months has it been filming

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That’s a shame. Stargirl is the first live action DCU original since Titans Season 1 that I actually intend to watch.

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I am pretty sure they said it would air after Titans Season 2. I will say I am happy Titans is back but the one thing I didn’t like was it pushed Stargirl’s release back. That is the show I have been most looking forward to out of all of them. So disappointing I have to wait even longer, even if I get why.

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I also read early 2020. Since they’re filming the finale, they have several months for post production. It could premiere when HQ Show ends :crossed_fingers:

I thought the original announcement was much later in the year. like Nov or Dec.