Titans Hardcover?

When we signed up early for the DC Universe subscription, didn’t it say we would be get an exclusive Titans Hardcover? If i didn’t misread that, does anyone know the status?

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This was strictly for people that had their questions answered on the live stream with Kevin Smith.


Wish Kevin Smith was more clear on that! I thought I would get a free Titans hardcover book when I first sign on. Oh well at least I’m getting my moneys worth by enjoying watching shows, movies and read comic books. :slight_smile:

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The intro/invite email that I got said that I would be getting tix to either a premier showing or regular showing of Aquaman in December, but I haven’t seen those in my mailbox yet. :thinking::thinking:

Hi @jpaquet, we’ve sent you an e-mail to discuss. Please check your inbox!

Thanks for the response. Guess I wasn’t paying attention.