Titans: General thoughts and MORE KRYPTO, PLEASE!

Random thought about Titans in general, not a specific episode or season, though there might be a spoiler or two.

I’ve enjoyed the series so far, and look forward to S3, but the show could be better. I agree with most if not all of the critical comments on previous threads. But the show looks great and has enough great moments, action and interesting characters to keep me watching. I’m very familiar with the source material, but I like how things have deviated and the twists and takes on the different characters. Keeps it fresh.

I’m often left scratching my head at some of the decisions made and the lack of continuity or consequences. Some of it I can forgive because…comics, right? But some of it is outright wtf?

The costumes are superb, and many of the actors are perfect for the roles - I’m looking at you Brenton, Conor and Ana. Everyone else is great, too, but they stand out for me. Rose/Ravager? Not so much. I’m not familiar with Chelsea’s other work, but I have hard time believing her in this role.

And the nuclear family from S1? Loved them! Bring them back in some form, please.

The action/fight/special effects scenes are mostly awesome, but Gar…poor Gar. If he can only turn into a cgi tiger, make it a good cgi tiger. And Trigon walking around in the field? Looked like Quake II. In contrast, when Kori is in full bloom, she looks great. I really want to see more of her powered up and in action.

One of my biggest criticism of the show – everything is too rushed and there are too many characters to deal with and follow. There isn’t enough room for the story to develop or the good ideas to shine. I do want to see all the Titans – eventually. Cramming them all in is for the visuals; it doesn’t serve the story or the characters.

For example, Hank’s backslide and superfast cold turkey turnaround was clumsy. It had some great moments and looked great, but if the plot had more room to breathe, it could have been a deep moment with a meaningful resolution. Wasted potential.

And Superboy / Cadmus? That could have waited for another season. Don’t get me wrong – love the idea of it, especially with live action Krypto, but that time in S2 could have been better spent fleshing out the other non-Conner related plot threads.

And the cursing…oh the cursing. There’s nothing wrong with a well placed f-bomb or “awwww shite” or whatever. But less is more. Having every character rattle off four letter words most every time they get a line isn’t edgy, it’s just crass.

My other big criticism of the show, and this is of the genre in general, but I see it markedly in Titans……for the most part we don’t see these character being actual heroes. Everything is self-referential and rolled up in their personal interactions and histories. There is a place for that, but we need our heroes to be heroic, not just leave a body count and then move on to the next drama inducing moment. I want to see Superboy save a cat from tree, or Robin help an old lady carry her groceries across the street. Or the Titans working as a team to help deal with a natural disaster. Not all the time….just…sometimes let them be heroic. We need them to be inspirational, not to have the episode end and wonder “why isn’t he in jail?”

And yes, Donna’s “death” was heroic, but it came off as a hokey plot device.

And finally….MORE KRYPTO, PLEASE. Way more Krypto. We finally get a live action Krypto – don’t waste it, An entire episode needs to be dedicated to Krypto. Hell, I’d even vote for an entire series.

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I’m just so pissed Krypto isn’t a Great Dane; OG Krypto was a Great Dane. Also Ghost was Connors half wolf super dog not Krypto.