Titans Finale

:stop_sign:Just a warning, there is a spoiler from episode 10, if you haven’t seen it, please stop reading and watch episode 10 of Titans before reading any further…:stop_sign:

Have you seen the episode? Good here’s my theory on the next episode after watching the trailer, in episode 10 at the end we see Dick run through force field and enter the house, if Series finale won’t be a 2 hours here’s what I think will happen, Dick enter the house and enter his own dream world since he has so much grudge against Batman. It’ll be like a ‘Over the Edge’ episode of Batman: TAS. I’m thinking Raven’s parents is causing all this!
Hopefully I’m wrong, and if I’m right sorry for spoiling the episode without knowing it! Can’t wait to see what will happen next! :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s possible and it’s not bad if true but I just hope it doesn’t take over most of the episode

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Ties to original comic where they fought their mentors.


It has to be some kind of dream or vision, because Dick is talking to Trigon as though he’s a fellow detective in the trailer.

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@arg914 I totally didn’t make that connection until I read your comment! Although I really enjoyed their first fight with Trigon in the comics and would love to see all the members go up against their nightmares.

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