Titans finale

So who is pumped up for the season finale of TITANS?!? What do you guys think of the season so far?

It has been an intense ride. This series is not a shallow throwaway. The creators pushed the genre forward with the territory they explored here. The juxtaposition of tones has shown that a serious DC universe outside the comics is viable, not that fans needed convincing. Next week’s finale doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint. I am going to miss them while waiting for the next season. It will be bittersweet when the last seconds of the episode run out.


I call Bullshit on Batman actually killing all the Arkham villains and going full murderer. I think it’s going to end up being in Dick’s head or something because Raven does something to him unwittingly like she did to Kory to help her regain her memory. There’s no way Geoff Johns allows DC Universe to ruin Batman. It’ll be a psychological thing for Dick that will allow him to move past Robin and realize he needs to become Nightwing.

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I really hope we get a Nightwing as well, but I’m not sure that we will, but if it’s all in his head maybe we will atleast see it, and I agree 87 I really have enjoyed what they have done here and I can’t wait until the next season! It was hard enough between episodes

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I also can’t wait to see what other spinoffs both live action and animated, DC universe has to offer

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