Titans Finale After Ending Credits Scene Reactions!

It’s finally here! I just finished the season finally. Wow, they need to hurry up with season 2. I hope everyone watched through the credits. There is a scene at the end I absolutely was not expecting! I don’t want to give any details since the episode was just released. I’m interested in everyone’s reactions. Not giving spoilers yet but, tagged because I’m sure someone who responds will.


My first thought was…AARRGG! Don’t leave us hanging!

I suspect that’s Boy and not Man. There managed without spoilers

A hallucinatory alternate life is hard to portray well. After all the fights against inner demons this season, the shocking finale lost it’s impact for me. I would have preferred a more conventional fight against Trigon.


I’m very excited by the scene at the end of the credits! Don’t get me wrong…everything about every episode of Titans has been exciting and I look forward to the next season. When is the next season anyways?

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Ladies and gentlemen, we got’em.

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I would have been happy if they wrapped up this season by defeating Trigon and then we move on. But now we have to wait months for more of the same. I was never a big Trigon fan and to see him as the Big Bad for another season is the very thing that may loose my interest. Cadmus can me much more exciting.


Yes Superboy and Krypto! This show was really good and I'm excited to see more.  Honestly I'm okay with leaving the Trigon fight for the next season, it didn't feel like they were an actual team yet. So assuming Dick and Raven are with Trigon, it'll be Superboy, Starfire, Beast Boy, Krypto, and Wonder Girl. So hype!!!!
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That is one swol-ass Superboy. It’s like they go him on Russian steroids or something lol.


I little disappointed with the ending, just cause they didn’t resolve much, which leaves me waiting for season 2 :sob:how long til season 2? But other than that i have really enjoyed the show and cannot wait to see what they do with Superboy and Krypto, and if well get that Nightwing costume!!!

Was disappointed that we didn’t wrap up the season, but all is forgiven after the end credits scene! How long do we have to wait now for season 2…?

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So have they cast Superboy? I noticed we didnt really see his face, just a very jacked dark haired guy. There was originally a casting call for ‘David’ to appear in what was then the 13th and final episode of the season.

It was less of a cliff hanger and more of an incomplete story as finale’s go. It has a lot in common with New Titans (baxster era) #1-#6 in terms of the dark-Titans but with only Dick taken over at this juncture.


This Conner looks sooo much better than the one we got in Smallville lol Smallville Conner was out of shape and kinda dopey lookin, Titans Conner is swol AF

didn’t see that coming, super excited!!! I need season two date rn

Super excited. Can’t believe we get Superboy. I didn’t see that coming at all.

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Wait, so that was the season finale? 11 episodes? OK. I thought it was really cool, and is a really strange game changer, I guess? Did what happened in episode 11 take place in an alternate dimension? And, so, basically everyone is a murderer in this show? I have so many questions. I’m not a puritan, and I know that sometimes people die in these types of situations, but there has been an awful lot of killing in season one of this show. I mean, I liked it a lot, but wow, was it violent.

Joker smashed through the roof and windshield of that car was an awesome image though. Batman looks like he was wearing hockey pads. Bale would be ashamed. LOL

Connor and Krypto!!! IM SO AMPED

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Superboy waking up and being violent though fits in with the comics and shows. He is aggressive and angry so he would attack all those people.


Despite there being no resolution to this season, I was still satisfied with it overall. The end scene after the credits was a nice bow. This is loosely following “The Terror of Trigon” arc


I feel like DCU is going for me a split season feel. Like Young Justice S3 is going to be split into 2 parts , I feel the Titans Trigon storyline will wrap later this year


Yeah that is what I was thinking. I’m seeing the season finale as more of a fall finale.