Titans Feedback

So titans was a pretty good show just the raven beast boy and starfire characters throw you off because it’s different but it is a good show I recommend it for anyone on the fence about because of the look


Agree, they all threw me off I mean really beast boy can only be a tiger lol and star fire looks and acts nothing like in the comics driving in a car multiple times when she can fly lol in the end it was better than expected for me loved the robins in this adaption the fight scenes with him were just Mozart to the eyes.

It’s a great show. In beast boys defense, he did say Dr. Niles assumed his morphing into a tiger most likely was a result of tigers being his favorite animal, & his powers are somewhat like a Lanterns. In that he wills himself into the animal that comes to mind. Tiger is his 1st thought for now. I’m sure once he gets more accustomed to them he’ll have his usual arsenal of picks from the animal kingdom.

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My wife, who does not read comics and had no idea what or who the Teen Titans are, has really enjoyed the show. I, on the other hand, having read comics since 1984, had a few very minor issues with the show, but that did not take away from my enjoyment of the show. I have a feeling that Starfire not flying and Beast Boy only being able to turn into a tiger has more to do with the budget and not storytelling. I am looking forward to season two.

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Would you say that it’s better to binge the show like a netflix run or a few episodes at a time?


Tough to say? It was fun watching em wk by wk cuz of the discussions on here & getting easter eggs & breakdowns of the eps on News section. I restrained myself from rewatching any just so I could go back & binge watch them all in a row. Haven’t done it yet, but can’t wait. If u haven’t seen em, I’d say binge cuz the discussions are over, plus u won’t have to worry about reading any spoilers.

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I’m with @loco
Super enjoyable show with some minor issues (which I’ve voiced elsewhere). My spouse, who doesn’t read comics but through some ancient magic knows everything about every run ever, watched with me almost religiously every Friday. Our dog watched too, and she barked every time Trigon said anything so clearly she’s onto something LOL.

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