Titans episodes should all be available

I Wasnt dissapointed with Titans the first episode has me wanting more,but the whole point of a streaming service is to binge watch if it’s only going to be a weekly episodes it should’ve gone to CW or a cable channel.Hopefully DC will change the strategy and allow all the shows to stream.


Netflix is only place that drops entire seasons not every streaming service

If DC dropped all 11 episodes in 1 day, the “trial” watchers would binge it in 2 days, cancel and then wait for the next show in January. Yeah you make a few people unhappy who are used to watching all at once, but it’s to protect themselves from a business standpoint. They don’t have the deep library of content like Netflix.



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This topic isn’t going away


I know I am going to sound old, but this need to have everything right now takes away from the total experience. Waiting a week makes you think about the content. When you binge 11 episodes you miss the small points in each episode. Take your time, enjoy. I’ve watched Titans twice already and I loved it. Had I had access to all the episodes I would be plowing through them.


They said this months ago that new episodes would debut every week. It’s actually smart from a business standpoint. We’ve gotten spoiled by being able to binge an entire season in one or two days.


The truth is a lot of people complaining about it not being on all at once (not everyone but a lot) are mad because they can’t binge it in a couple days and cancel without having to pay anything. And nothing wrong with people waiting until all the episodes drop then watching it then and cancelling, that is how I have watched Game of Thrones so I get that. But people who want to binge and then cancel so they only pay for one month (or for nothing due to the trial) then wait for the next series to have all eps up and repeat… that is a fair way to do it. But the price you pay is waiting longer. Like others have said, the service is new and wants viewers to stick around, not pay for one month every free months.


I don’t like how critics get to see the whole season far ahead of the release date for everyone else and make videos reviewing them.

That’s how it is for the Marvel netflix shows anyways.

I know some critics on YouTube like Beyond the Trailer got to see the first 6 episodes of Titans. She even reviewed it, but I didn’t watch it. I wanna watch the actual episodes myself…i bet the critics don’t even pay for the streaming services, they just get to see stuff for free.

I get it. This is the way of the world now. Everything is on demand and instant. This show isn’t and it’s causing some butt hurt. But there was a point in time where the 1960s Batman show would come on only once a week. That was the only option. And if you missed it little boy, you missed it. I feel like maybe there is a sliver of that nostalgia going here. Sure there are some other reasons, but man, am I way more excited to watch this next episode because of it. I have another something to look forward to. Yes, I enjoy binge watching like everyone else, but I don’t have to binge watch everything just like the DCU doesn’t have to go with the mainstream. Chances are that you have 10 other shows that you could binge watch aside from Titans. So let this be the one you wait on. Enjoy the process vs. griping about it. Let the show be about the show and not your viewing habits. That’s kind of the point of this response anyway. Everything is not about you. No offense meant. Hope that’s not too alarming. But really, go with it. To quote a golden era of time, shows, and most importantly people. “Same Bat-time and same Bat-channel!”

Fool, you make it seem like shows still airing once a week on TV programming hasn’t existed for decades. It’s still the standard not to binge watch as much as it is

I like it I gives me something to look forward to on the weekend