Titans Episodes aired out of order!?

I feel as if episode 9 was meant to be the season finale. It was suppose to be episodes 8,10,11, and 9. If you watched the finale than you will know what I mean. Who agrees?

That does make sense, minus a few editing problems.

No not at all. Maybe when it comes to the timeline it might make more since for some, but as to production i know i would be very unhappy if hank and dawn was the season finale. It makes no sense to have a season finale about featuring almost exclusively supporting characters. On any show, let alone the first season of a new one.

It’s very possible. The last episode could have always been intended to be the Dick Grayson/Batman episode but the rest wouldn’t be uncommon to be mixed up. Many shows do that for some reason

Is this post a joke?

…definitely NOT!!!..the season finale was meant to resolve Dick’s identity crisis and will usher Nightwing in the 2nd season…only, Dick succumbed to the darkness which I’m sure will be alleviated in the next season…:sunglasses:

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No, but that canceled episode 12 may have made it make more sense… I feel you though. I dont wanna post spoilers… but if you watched the whole season… I think we have something to look forward to.

They figured something out. It’s been great so far. I hope season 2 starts off with a bang though! I think it will. Who agrees?

thought titans was great for the first six episodes, but kind of lost momentum for me starting with the asylum episode. just felt like a different type of writing where things kind of bogged down and there wasn’t a clear path to a finale. plus got annoyed at never seeing an adult hero/villain’s face like they didn’t have permission or something or guess just want to keep it to the kids :-). but look fwd to season 2 and the other series starting especially young justice. and guess perhaps this canceled episode 12 would have resolved things probably.