Titans Episode Review Video Thread

Fellow DC Reviewers post links to your Titans episode reviews here. Here’s mine



Well here’s my review of the 1st Ep of DC Titans in a vlog/Video format enjoy


Robin has killed someone 15 times. Four of those were Grayson. Also, how many times did him and Bats get into it?

Haven’t seen those videos but why is Robin killing still a subject? He didn’t kill anybody


No he didn’t. But people (not me) think that he was too brutal, and that his brutalness was out of character.

It was brutal and kinda out of character but I think that was the point and part of his story arc. The stomping and his reaction afterwards was slowed down and showed that he’s at a dark place in his life right now and still too much like Batman as he says. He’ll find his true self and peace in later episodes as he becomes friends with the Titans and and a team


I had my doubts but I really think this is going to be a good show.
Really liked the first episode.

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