titans episode 8

Everytime titans gets good they do something to mess it up. Like i was starting to enjoy the new donna troy episode. It was fun. Light hearted and super dark and gritty, its what titans should be. Then starfire murders people, and this time its not even bad guys, she kills fbi agents. This show is like a roller coaster to me going up and down in quality and being what titans should be. And to end on a possitive note donna troy in this show was pretty cool and well done in my opinion, so far. And besides grayson telling starfire to murder a ton of people, grayson is also pretty well done so far.

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that’s true, I never understood why Kory wrecked those poor beat cops at Rachel’s (first) mom’s house … now federal agents get incinerated just doing their jobs

other than that, hearing the names of Diana, Justice League, WW, Themyscira and even Penguin all in one show was pretty cool

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Found Dick and Donna to be fun to watch. Donna is lovely and charming! Sometimes the excessive curing on this show is jarring and awkward, but when she said, “Fuck you”, it was so natural and fitting.

Beast Boy convincingly inebriated. Hopefully he gets his own spotlight storyline in the future; I suspect a breakout star might be under there.

Kori was badass in all of her scenes. She’s such a pleasure to watch, I can ignore the wtf hair and makeup they give her. I loved her last scene this episode. but mainly because she started choking out the most annoying character to watch.

Rachel… was terrible, as always. I know she’s young, I know you shouldn’t be looking for great acting here, but watching her act so terribly within a cast of must better actors, just emphasizes how awful she is. It takes me right out of scene when I watch her unconvincingly cycle through the same three expressions regardless of the scene. Casting director really dropped the ball on Raven.


She fired at the door to make them back up the She melted the doors so they couldn’t get in. She used the explosion In the empty car to get away.

There were no screams and no one on fire. This show isn’t shy about it so why would people think every explosion = death? Maybe people see what they want to see, including me.


Agree with original poster. Donna Troy was really well written, and well-acted by both performers (younger and older). None of the characters have the typical TV drama problem of poor communication, except Dick. And, I think that’s a solid character choice by the writers, not a dumb story device.

BUT - I don’t know why Dick agreed to let the others go to flyover country when the apartment was secure and hidden and unknown to a secret death cult, and Angela’s house was definitely known to the people who kidnapped her.

Dare I say, this may be the best comic book based television show ever! I got the news last night that Daredevil had been cancelled by Netflix, a show I would hold in the regards as one of the best, but it has concluded. Titans is a show that keeps me guessing and interested, gritty, and silly at the same time, but it works. That was some cliffhanger at the ending of episode 8. I cannot wait to see this Hawk and Dove origin, Mina Kelly is smokin! it is must see TV for me every Friday.

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I’m generally in agreement with the OP. I liked all the scenes with Donna and Dick more than the rest of the episode. I wish the dialogue was better, a little more sophisticated than it is. Dick dropping in on Donna’s skullduggery was easy to predict, which is lame but whatever. In the past few episodes, I’ve yelled at my screen every time Rachel has a (bad) idea and they follow through on it. It reinforces this idea I’m building that these aren’t heroes, they’re idiots who follow no common sense and toss caution away. (heavy sigh) But have I stopped watching? Nope. Only three more eps to go. I’m appreciating the break next episode from the Rachel storyline. I need it. And yes, I’ll go there and say seeing another full episode with Mina Kelly is a huge plus to look forward to. But Leslie Conor wasn’t unpleasing to watch either.


I appreciate what they are doing with this show, the same formula for superhero shows has got to change to evolve.
This is setting up a good contrast to what Disney + will be with there Marvel series. I prefer the uncensored world of The DCU. Now that the Marvel Netflix shows are getting cancelled fairly abruptly this is by far the best superhero/vigilante show out there.

I loved the whole episode

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I just wish they would stop breaking the team up in the episodes. For me, this show is at its best when the team is together and their chemistry is flowing. Splitting them up slows whatever slow pacing the show manages to build before destroying it. It’s painfully obvious that their building to a big cliffhanger to end the season without wrapping much up kind of like the walking dead is notorious for.

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Thought this episode really dragged. I know people said that about the last episode but this one was really mostly filler. The next episode looks like it’s also going to be a complete filler episode which is honestly not a good move considering there’s only 2 episodes left of the season. Tbh I think this show is too focused on world building than it is actually telling a story.

Filler isn’t always a bad thing and the world building Is one of the things I enjoy most about the show

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Starfire stole the show for me, hats off to the actress playing her. I love the cliffhanger ending, hard to imagine really how they can stop her before she roasts Raven.


Was Starfire being sent to kill Raven a story arc in the comics? Just curious because i dont claim to know a whole lot about the various story arcs.

On the other hand, this could just be one of those cliffhangers that isnt really what it seems.

I actually liked this episode. Especially the ending.

You can’t build someone up by tearing other people down. That is an established psychological principal. Excessive negative judgment of other people only leads to disliking yourself. That was what Patty Jenkins applied to Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot, and if you rewatch that movie you see that while WW never hesitates to voice her expectations and disappointments with the men, she also never hesitates to share the credit and appreciate others contributions. This is the exact opposite of Donna Troy, who repeatedly says “older, smarter, prettier”. Can you imagine Gal Gadot saying that? Of course you can’t. Not only does this undercut the character of Donna Troy, and Amazonian culture, it castrates Dick Grayson. No man, woman, boy, girl, no one who is an effective leader would let themselves be talked to in the way that Dick Grayson lets Donna Troy talk to him in this episode. If you want to see how you empower women and show them as strong without disempowering and tearing down others, which is something no effective leader would ever do, watch Patty Jenkins’ WW, or for that matter anything Chris Evans as Captain America. You will see that you have not only destroyed Dick Grayson as a leader, but you have shown that Donna Troy certainly doesn’t know how to be one either.


After the disappointing choices for Starfire and Raven, the casting for Donna Troy was perfect . Like a breath of fresh air!

I too enjoyed this interpretation, I know very little about Wonder Girl. The first time I have seen this actress, she definitely has the look and beauty the character needs.

The writers are having a hard time wrapping their heads around the idea that these characters are supposed to be heroes not thugs.

I thought Conor Leslie as Donna was perfect. She was able to offer insight and comfort to Dick, while at the same time still incorporate that playful sibling-like banter from the comics. I think that the actors had the perfect on-screen chemistry for the roles and hope we see more of that. And I really hope that Donna becomes a full-time cast member (and judging by her IMBD page, it looks like that’s going to be the case in the second season!) Truth be told, I got a subscription just for this episode, I’ve been looking forward to it for so long! (don’t judge me!)

Kory is definitely a better leader than Dick in the incarnation of the Titans. For one thing, she doesn’t just walk away when things seem to be going okay. She also has the proper amount of suspicion and paranoia to keep everyone on their toes – spotting that marshall out, knowing he was trouble from the getgo. I really did want to see more Gar in this, though. Ryan is doing a phenomenal job by the writers just won’t give him the proper screen time he deserves. And especially after the last episode, you’d think they would want to explore what he’s going through after not only biting but killing someone for the first time.

I feel bad for saying this, but Raven just isn’t doing it for me. I also may be a little bias because Raven isn’t my favorite character from the comics, but also because I guess I’m just a bit tired of all the Raven arcs we’ve had in the media so far. The OG Teen Titans animated show had a whole season practically revolve around her and Trigon, the recent DCAU direct-to-video Teen Titans movie, and all the comic arcs. It’s just like, we’ve seen this done and played out a million times before, why do we need it again? But putting that bias aside, I’m just not a fan of the actress portraying Raven. I do get that she’s only fourteen or so, and so, of course, it would be ridiculous to expect her to have the same acting caliber as her the others, but if the writers were planning to have Raven be the main focus of the first season, then they should have maybe chosen someone who would be able to carry a little bit more. Also, the really f’d up when the decided to cast a fourteen-year-old and a twenty-something actor who’s characters that they keep hinting at will be in a romance. So long as all the ‘oh, you want to make out with her, don’t you?’ is stuff that’s only ever said on screen and never seen, then that’s okay (kind of) but if they want BB/Rae to be canon and have actual scenes together, they have to bring in an older actress for Raven.

So overall, I think episode 8 was really fun. Again, Dick and Donna embody the perfect sibling relationship. I’m super glad that they didn’t go down the ‘but what if they have some romantic feelings for each other??’ route. I really do think that Dick and Donna have one of the strongest relationships in comics and share something more than Dick’s romantic relationships (though not to say that his relationship with Kory or Barbara aren’t important) but I do believe that back in the day, one of the original writers at DC said that Dick and Donna were truly soulmates.

Not so sure how I feel about next week when we’re suddenly getting more Hank, Dawn, and the introduction of Don. I get that they’re trying to prolong the suspense about what’s going on with Kory and Raven, but it was just a bad move. No one is really going to care about Hawk and Dove, because everyone wants to know if Starfire is going to kill Raven. If they did the Hawk and Dove origin episode after episode two, then it would be fine, but now… If anything, maybe we’ll see how Dick and Donna get to know Hawk and Dove, which could be fun.