titans episode 6

Anyone else having troubles playing episode 6 of titans? It will let me go back to ep 5 and stuff but won’t even open ep 6???

Episode 6 comes out on 6 more days and some hours :partying_face: but if you are from the future you might want to contact future support and see what’s the problem is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: joking


Try playing Episode 6 next Friday :partying_face: should work

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Lol thanks, totally didn’t catch that :joy::joy:. For some reason it looked like i already watched ep 5 so i assumed i was ready for 6. Lol ep 5 will have to do for now :joy::joy:

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No problem :partying_face: episode is wicked you should re watch every episode each day

I’m sorry to hear you were having trouble watching show :confused: Did your issues ever clear up, @dlittrell1 (or was it all just a misunderstanding concerning the episode number)? If you end up encountering such again, please don’t hesitate to send us an email to the Customer Service team, so we can help you faster: Submit a request – DC Universe Help Center

If all’s well for you for now, I hope you continue enjoying the show! :slight_smile: