Titans Episode 6: “Jason Todd” Easter Eggs!

Warning: Spoiler!

Another excellent overview of all the little fan gems hidden throughout Episode 6 of Titans. Come check it out on our news page, or follow this link!


Did you catch these little treasures, or have anything to add? And oh yeah, what’d we miss??


Jason Todd’s fake ID - “Robert Plissken… Nice try… Not tonight Snake” … While not from the comics. A nice Easter Egg to “Escape From New York.”


I thought the scene with the strong man chained up and suspended above the ground, was very reminiscent of the storyline where Two Face had Robin in a very similar situation. Also thought the Melting Man was a Two face-lite.


This was a fun one to put together…DC dug really deep to mine! I was impressed with all the details. I did read decades of Haly Circus stories and flashbacks to look for those side characters in case they existed…they didn’t, but the search was pure fun! The Zucco and Maroni stuff was great and straight out of the comics! I loved it.

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The Wayne Enterprises logo looked like an upside down Nightwing logo to me.


Whoever comes up with easter eggs for the show needs some praise!


So when tonys son had Jason on the floor on the brink of death I thought that was a subtle hint to the famous death, I cannot wait for Jason to be redhood in the seasons to come.

Just watched again. Anyone notice in the scene where Jason and Dick are at the safehouse…look to the monitors on Dick’s left. There’s a rotating wireframe outline of what the Batmobile looks like.

The safe house in Chicago had a bat familiar look to it.


The gentleman 2 posts below u is the man you’re looking for.