Titans Episode 5....#AmazingAction

This show is a comic come to life.

So good.


We are super happy you are enjoying it, @DJWolfmanJBeezzy!

Hope this doesn’t count as a spoiler, but did u notice the stickerson on the nuclear families station wagon?

Titans Ep 5: Oh. my. god - now THAT’S what I’m talking about!!! So, so good. It’s been a slow burn but totally worth it to get to this episode (although “Doom Patrol” was solid just almost no Titans) no spoilers but the last 15 min are some of the best TV I’ve seen in awhile - the chemistry between them, the dialogue, the fight scenes & surprise at the end - just loved the hell out of it.


Even people who don’t like the series have to admit the fight choreography is really done well. Better then most action films. I like that it doesn’t do a million cuts and no shakey cam so you can actually see what happens.


As a long time fan of dick ( since I was 5 or 6 and I am now 47) I have always enjoyed the Titans even though I do love the show it kinda sucks all the origins seem to be remade

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This show is an amazing breath of fresh air for live action DC series. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at the production quality and the writing. I’m so pumped to see more!

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The fight choreography is brutal and very well orchestrated. Shame the rest of the show mostly sucks.

Anyways the stickerson on the nuclear families station wagon is the entire nuclear family including the dog. I sent it in as a missed Easter egg and got credit for catching it. Next time I checked the post it said it was swept to the phantom zone. But it wasn’t on purpose, the guy who’s job it is to catch eggs complimented me and said he wanted it left posted so others could see, then it was gone.

This show is absolutely awesome! I highly recommend DC to tie in Titans tv show to the movie universe. Fans would go crazy & it would be a plus for all DC movies to come. Great stories & better character actors in Titans tv show, it would be a waste not to include them in the movies. WB would be on the for front when combining tv shows with the movies. You could be the first to do it & us fans would be overjoyed!