Titans episode 4 ( just wanna share my excitement)

To whomever clicks into this thread,

This episode was everything it needed to be and more. I couldn’t wait for more Beast Boy and this episode delivered big time. Beast Boy is so well portrayed and then the introduction of the Doom Patrol was perfect! Prior to this week episode I didn’t know much besides the basics about the characters, it was a great origin to set up their new show and get me to read into their comic book history (I already need more Robotman).
Raven showed her lighter/funny side and then flexed her badass powers. Lastly, Negative man and Starfire’s exchange that ends with her showing off the green eyes had to be one of my favorite moments from the episode. As you can tell I really enjoyed the episode and love what show had done so far. I just wanted to get it out there so I took the time to type this appreciation post.
I’ll end this with they created something amazing with Titans and I can’t wait for more.




Excellent post. I totally agree


Thank you for, as your title stated, sharing your excitement with us, @Impulsivemind42! I love reading through threads and posts like yours - the enthusiasm’s infectious, and always makes me look forward to catching up on the new episodes (lol I’m late-time binge-watcher of the worst sort). Keep the feedback coming, and thanks again! :slight_smile:

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I think they set the ground work for a great spinoff of the reluctant and damaged doom patrol!

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