Titans Episode 3: Easter Eggs!

Warning: Spoiler!
Another excellent overview of all the little fan gems hidden throughout Episode 3 of Titans. Come check it out on our news page, or follow this link!

Did we miss anything? What other easter eggs might be lurking around the corner?


Great catches

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The Nuclear family are listening to the Brady Bunch kids singing, ‘Sunshine Day’ in a car.

First off, thanks for the plug Applejack! These are so much fun to put together and I’m glad people are enjoying them. I’ve been a DC reader since I was 11 years old and I’m still learning new stuff just by fact-checking this…for example: I had no idea when Martha Wayne first got her name and when Thomas Wayne was first identified as a doctor…
Believe it or not Reaganfan, I was very close to mentioning the Brady’s because the Brady Kids teamed up with Wonder Woman in a cartoon. I opted out because the connection was to WW and not the Titans…plus other technical issues…but I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought about that.
Every name is triple checked when I do these because you never know (I even checked the waitress out haha).

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Didn’t they show a purple pony behind Raven when she went into “her room” in the church, related to her liking of Pretty Pretty Pegegus Show on Teen Titan Go!?

Was Harley Quinn at the skating ring? If not someone was resembling her.