Titans episode 1

Saw Titans first episode and has a lot of potencial, dark and violent… now for the characters Robin was good, Raven is ok need to se more and Beastboy I can tell because he is in the episode seconds maybe 1 minute… Now Starfire being played by Anna Diop in my opinion physically comic book accurate no I am sorry she looks nothing like the character can that change in the coming episodes will se now the acting was pretty good the job she was impersonating in the episode was solid clearly her memory is wipe out don’t know need to se more… overall the series has potencial what rhit you think? Let’s discuss

Great first episode! Looking forward to what comes next! CGI looked great considering this isn’t a AAA movie, and the plot has a lot of potential.


Excellent first episode! I really took an interest in all the characters, found them all interesting. Can’t wait to see more.


All that’s needed to be changed with Starfire is to get rid of the hooker clothing and to straighten her hair. That would go along way into closing the gap.

And before someone’s comes along and says it. No this is not racial. Starfire is not black. The person playing her should not care if she’s being portrayed as African American or not. Straightening her hair and changing her clothes would tilt the character towards what we’re all used to. That is all.

@Hapkido - Starfire’s hair was curly in the comics, and she almost always looked like a hooker.


Don’t know if they plan on giving her a new wig, but the actress playing Starfire is on record saying she will have a comics accurate costume before the end of the season

First episode showed us just tiny glimpses or bits of overlapping stories. Need more to form a real opinion, but am intrigued for sure.

My hope for the show was Low from the start but must say I enjoyed it the tone of the show liked how they introduced the Titans just wish they had more Beast boy

Loved first episode


I didnt like it

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I thought it was great! The Trigon build up was dope!


It was awsome.my favorite was f-batman.