Titans Episode 1 was frankly awesome (See what I did there? No cursing)

I’m smiling. I was worried that it might be cheap or low budget or corny with cheap fx and NONE of that happened. The fx were good the story was well written and surprising. I really liked it. I want to see more of every one that they introduced ne to in that episode so despite whatever cons there are definitely enough pros to say this looks like a good show. Yeah.


I’m pretty happy as well. Character depictions were close with some deviance to allow for freshness.

Action was pretty nice. Overall well done with a slight improvement on martial arts moves/capturing needed.

I’m not as happy with sfx as I felt it all was too dark and muted but to each his own.

Overall a thumbs up.

Good to hear. Once they fix the closed caption bug maybe I will actually watch it.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

F-ck Batman. And by f-ck, I mean firetruck