Titans Episode 1 IGN review

So IGN just posted the review for the first episode. 7.7/10

I can take a sigh of relief now.

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What are the positive highlights?

Other reviews are even better

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I heard Robin is good, but starfire is really good. I heard that raven is the weak point. It’s not all dark has some good jokes

I hear that it’s a good show but every single character save for Beast Boy is a bastardization from the source material. They completely divorce themselves from the original characters.

I heard nothing but good things about the show ranging from characters to story and tone. I had no doubts since Geoff Johns is heavily involved in the writers room. I’m glad this is a big kick in the face to all the haters.

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@Carpenter Raven is being heavily adapted from her new 52 counterpart, so idk why some thinks it’s “bastardized.”

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@redhood I heard Raven was one the highlights specifically the young actress playing her.

I’ve read some first impressions/reviews, bad and good and nothing has called it bastardized. Eh screw reviews though as I usually don’t even pay attention them and will just watch to form my own opinions