Titans Episode 01 Easter Eggs

So, loved the first episode. Had some great giggles and “YES!” moments with various Easter Eggs, name drops, visual nods to the comics and so forth. Was just rewatching it looking for those little things that I might have missed the first time and was wondering what other people had found.
Here are the various Easter Eggs I noticed, how about you guys?

  1. Konstantin Kovar(Night Club guy Starfire fries) -Villain on Arrow- Comics: Father of the Red Star a member of the Teen Titans whose codename was originally Starfire.
  2. Amy Rohrbach (Dick’s partner)- Name of Dick Grayson’s partner when he was a Bludhaven cop in the Nightwing comics.
  3. Tyler Hacket (Drug deal/child abuser Robin beat up)- Heroin dealer who worked for China White and befriending Oliver Queen before throwing him overboard, leading to him becoming Green Arrow.
  4. Kory Anders (Name on Starfire’s Passport)- This is the name that Starfire used in the comics when she worked as a model.
  5. Joker name drop, as well as Joker Gas by the Detectives, so he totally exists.
  6. Possible- The Ankh on Raven’s bag might just be to show she is so ‘goth’ or might be a Doctor Fate nod
  7. All the young Dick Grayson stuff was a nice nod.

So what did you guys see?


You basically mentioned everything :slight_smile:


I know they did Kovar in Arrow, but I doubted they’d ever have a Red Star appearance. Hopefully we see one in this show.


I knew about that stuff but it’s good to have a thread with everything compiled and for future episodes

I’m actually putting together an article on this. I debated using Hackett because in the comics he had no first name that I saw, so I wasn’t sure if it was a coincidence. For now I decided not to include it.
One of the Detectives is named Perez…so there’s that Easter Egg.


you hit all the big ones! I loved how they incorporated everything in a unique and organic way. anything thoughts/insight into the shelter staff member that was leading Raven into the sketchy car?? also was the squad car number that Dick called in connected to a specific comic issue or anything of that nature?

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Raven has Doctor Fate’s symbol on her backpack!

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Oops, missed #6, haha. Was surprised I didn’t see it in the article, so I came here to mention it. Can’t delete my comment.

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The symbol on Raven’s book bag was (sandman’s) Death’s ankh symbol.

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Good list. Also a brief glimpse of Wayne Manor in Dick’s flashback, as well as Bruce off-camera.

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I heard we will get Bruce Wayne in every episode

If so, that tease better lead to an actual appearance in the last episode or s2. If not Bruce then ay least a far away shit of Batman on a roof top or even a back shot

I enjoyed the first episode, and I’m excited to see where the show goes moving forward!! I caught a lot of the obvious easter eggs and all the smaller ones related to Dick Grayson and the Batman mythos. I didn’t catch the smaller characters found in early issued of the Teen Titans. I really liked that article that outlined all of the eggs, and I hope that they do one for every episode!