Titans Ep2

I enjoyed this one. Really loved Hawk. Alan Ritchson got him down to a “T” here, playing the hostile, aggressive A-hole that he is. Definitely seemed more focused than the last episode, which seemed far more scattered as it laid the ground work for other members of the team.


Dove and Hawk spoke for the fan base and acknowledged that Dick/Robin is different right now . I knew it was all part of the story arc


Wow! And I was worried they were gonna kill Hawk! I love the exorcist like stuff. Keep the fight scenes coming, Robin should be a total badass.


Alan Ritchson was awesome as Hawk! That opening scene was spot on. Great episode!


My heart! It hurts! Minka Kelly is drop dead gorgeous! Hope we haven’t seen the last of her.
Really loved the episode, loved watching thugs run in fear from Robin, loved the real life problems Hawk and Dove face, love that creepy family. LOVED IT ALL! Except where we leave Dove’s character. Booooo!


I ain’t worried. She’ll be back soon somehow

Minka Kelly was brilliant as well! I loved the fact that she was wearing a Superman shirt.

Which means now me know that Batman, Joker and Superman exist along with Donna Troy…which should mean that Wonder Woman exist

This makes me wonder, will all the upcoming shows, sans the animated ones, be part of the same universe?

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Doom Patrol is and so I’m assuming Swamp Thing will too

Wow. That pants really came down this episode!!!

This was a great episode. The actors playing Hawk and Dove are terrific and I hope we see more of them (and that they live…). Also loved the tease about Donna Troy!

The easter eggs have been nice gems

It really really really sux A!! Nightwing sux. it’s so dreary! Hawk and Dove get f’ed up too easily. I’m cancelling my subscription as soon as this month is over. Wow! what a f’ing stroker of a show! you think its gonna get better, but NOBODY is even likable. They got the cr*p beat out of them on the roof top. This is complete BS! its like Marvel fanboys wrote this so people would hate DC characters. Get better or I’m done. I’ll live with the CW DC shows.