TITANS Ep. 10 thoughts?!?

Can we talk about what just happened!?!?!?

The little showdown between Starfire and Donna! I definitely saw that coming and it came out perfect. Love Starfire’s remark later in the episode “bet you can’t do it twice”. Would of love to see a round 2 lol.

So that was obviously the highlifht of the episode for me, what did you all think? Thoughts? Who’s hype for the finale??


I thought it was a great episode, I do have so worried about the direction they are taking Starfire and Rachel (Ravens) stories, this all seems very different from the comics and cartoons, but I can say that it’s working for me. Can’t wait to see Nightwing too!!! You can tell it’s coming


Starfire is confirmed to be an alien and Raven is half demon and daughter is Trigon. Different how?

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Yeah I see what you’re saying but for me it’s more of a curiosity cuz I’m on the edge of my seat type thing. They’re portraying them so well I really want to see how it all concludes and especially find out Starfire’s backstory. Her’s is the only one that is a little different than normal imo but we still don’t even fully know her background sooooo… I’m just so ready next Friday.

This whole season has been beautifully crafted and well executed at a perfect pace with perfect character development.

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Hey just wanted to see if anyone has an answer to this but are there really just 11 episodes in titans season 1? IMDB lists 12 episodes so is that just an error on their part or will episode 11 be double length?

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Not gonna lie, kind of thought episode 10 was bunk. The human introduction of Trigon was definitely weak and Rachel’s mother not being represented as light, or a path to, “salvation” doesn’t work for me.

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@pmblanchard91. you got it, the latter, season 11 is 2 hours long and to @riversorreis I kinda feel you. Trigon’s human form was a little underwhelming at first… BUT healing Gar was cool and the force field he put up was a cool way to show how strong he is effortlessly. Idk I’m not judging just yet until we see his entire portrayal.

I told myself I officially trust this show now so I know the finale won’t dissapoint. Really curious to see how they “wrap everything up”

I don’t enjoy the arch of having an unaware raven. The idea of an inexperienced Demi child taking on a god just seems illogical. I’m hoping they find an interesting way to stretch out Trigon’s character. It just doesn’t seem right to have Rachel take him down until she learns her own history and comes to terms with it.

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@riversoerris I completely understand but I woild say just let it play out. You’re talking as if you already know whats going to happen. and how they’re going to portray Trigon. You’re biased at this point. Try and let that go and just enjoy it and see where they take the show. I know we all have their preferences but I would like to say regardless. they have produced some quality wotk thus far :smiley:

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Raven’s story arc of her roots and Trigon ain’t ending. This can easily continue for season 2 and Raven can eventually go evil for a while like in the comics

Another slow boring cheesy episode.

One more episode and that’s it. The final verdict’s around the corner for me. Cause out of observation the only good episode was Episode 6. Everything else was just bland, riddled with cliche lines, bad acting, and poor execution. I hate using this word but the show’s just cringy overall.

One of my favorite characters and all she does is cry, eat, whine, eat, scream, hug, and eat. (Not the actress’ fault, mind us).

I loved it! We finally learn about Rachel’s father. I already knew but we finally saw his human form. And I think that him and Dick Grayson

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Sorry Gar. You dress cool and I’m sure you’re awesome at Fortnite. But given the choice between saving you and releasing a demon who’s prophesized to destroy the world…you’re toast every time.

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