Titans Easter Egg Hunt

Hi everyone!

My name is Joshua Lapin-Bertone (just like the username, total coincidence…I swear) and I do the weekly Easter egg rundowns for the news section.
You can find one example here.

I thought it would be fun to have a topic where we report our Easter egg findings for Titans together. For example, if you see a reference to Terry Long or a scene that reminds you of a certain storyline, report your findings here. They’re fun to discuss and if you find something I miss, I’ll give you credit in the next Easter egg article.

The “Jericho” rundown should be up later today. Wasn’t that episode cool? Lots of great callbacks!
Here is an example…


I had mentioned in another thread how I was cheering when Deathstroke was shooting with his staff. It was such a callback to the older Deathstroke comics when his staff was a multi purpose tool and weapon.

Now if they have it extend and he uses it to polevault a fence I may passout!


Oooh! Good catch!

Latest episode is out! Happy hunting everyone!