Titans Drinking Games?

Every tine someone drops an “F bomb” - drink! This guarantees you at least two shots per episode! :joy:

(I kid bc I love - I love the show but seriously guys, the constant “f bombs” are kinda laughable at this point)

I’m open to other drinking game suggestions!

Last episode was surprisingly clean. Donna dropped 2 and Dick dropped 1. I don’t believe there were any other occurrences.

I’m gonna drink every time Dick denies being Robin. By the time we see Nightwing I’ll be toasted.


hahaha That’s hilarious that someone posted about their use of the f word today when I was thinking almost the same thing. I love Titans, really I do, but sometimes I feel like they drop f bombs in the most random places. Like, people say “what the hell” WAY more often than “what the f**k”, or when someone is shocked or exasperated it’s more common to say “sh!t” rather than, again, the “f word” (Idk the guidelines on cursing in the community discussions, so I’ll censor until I find I don’t have to) :slight_smile: