Titans, Doom Patrol & Swamp Thing: Dish

Hello DCU community. Lets discuss the first three shows of DCU.

Granted Swamp thing just came out. It is visually and atmospherically awesome. As a non-fan of horror it was actually watchable because there were no jump scares and it draws you in. My only issue is I fear we won’t see much of Andy Bean (Alec Holland as a human) and his performance was really good. Would have been dope to at least see him in 2 episodes before he turned, but w 10 episodes I’m sure they had to rush.

Doom Patrol seems to have hit the right balance of weird and emotional. Makes the audience connect to it pretty quickly. Negative Man is my jam. It fills emotional, weird, and fun slots we desire out of the comics. I don’t think I have a single issue with this show… well, I could do without Cyborg in this. I think I’m just used to him with Titans and JL. He feels a bit out of place.

Teen Titans (or Titans), oy. So originally the promos made me very not interested at all. I watched the entire season anyway (twice) and actually really liked it. Though, they got so much wrong. Strangely I liked the characters around the titans better than the actual titan (but in life I LOVE the titans)… so that’s hard to deal with lol. Jason Todd, Donna Troy, Neuclear Family, etc were amazing. It feels like they’re recreating young justice? It’s annoying because I do actually like the show but I also have issues with it. I know Titans more than I know Doom or Swamp so maybe that’s why I’m a bit more harsh… it has really great moments and such a great supporting cast. It just bums me out that I don’t love the Titans (I think the animated Teens Titans -not GO- is more my jam).


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Doom Patrol season 1 is in the books. Having watched many different genre’s of television, DP Season 1 has one of the best pilots I’ve ever seen, and the episodic nature of the storytelling (basically a season long origin story) had some of the strangest and yet emotionally fullfilling stories I could hope to find in ANY tv series. It doesn’t play exactly as a super hero series. And I really like that. As a BIG fan of horror movies and tv, I loved the first episode of Swamp Thing. The trailer was the 2nd big reason I wanted the service (again as a fan of horror.) The first is still the new Harley Quinn series, which won’t be out till later. So I watched the trailer, multiple times trying to figure out what the show might be, and at this point I don’t care. It was a great intro to the people and characters of this world, and I really hope I get more of that (like DP). But, I would rather NOT give up too much of the mystery-horror aspect. Titans is a different animal all-together. It’s a grown up super hero show, and I enjoyed it as well. Oddly enough, I had no expectations going into the Titans show because I grew up reading Wolfman/Perez New Teen Titans. There are few runs of books that can touch what they accomplished. No studio can produce a televised show that will be comparable to the MW/GP titans. It’s just not possible. I can’t compare the 3 shows in any way, because they’re distinct from one another, but I like all 3. Swamp Thing will be better than Titans for me as a series because of the mystery-horror themes. DP is my fav. FWIW I never ever thought I’d watch or like Krypton, but really enjoyed it as well. Looking forward to S2.