Titans Cancelled After 4 Seasons?

Ok, so I’m still mad about Henry Cavil and the cancellation of Young Justice, but I never expected Titans to be cancelled. IMHO, it’s 1 of the best DC shows out there. I love the storylines and the characters. Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, and Curran Walters are amazing in the show and I’m just sad to see them go.

I actually found out about Titans getting cancelled on Instagram when Curran Walters put up a post, saying that he’s done with the show. How do you guys feel about Titans’ cancellation?


Gunn said he had nothing to do with the cancellation of titans and Doom patrol


Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanx for letting me know, I just edited the post.


I have said this elsewhere but even if Gunn hadn’t taken over DC TV and Movies, or in the alternate world where Discovery never bought Warner Brothers and Zaslav was not a thing to DC fans, hell even in the alternate world where DC Universe continued as a streaming service (I want to live in that world), I would have expected Titans and Doom Patrol to be winding down.

Streaming shows just don’t have long runs and never have. Some have made it six seasons, although that is almost entirely Netflix first round of originals or shows that started in one service or network than moved on.

I don’t have the numbers but don’t think I am exagerating when I say 99% of all streaming shows even successful ones don’t go past season 5 and more often end in season 3 or 4.

Titans ending with season 4 just is not a shock and don’t even see the point in blaming anyone. The show was never going 7-10 seasons despite some fans convinced the Netflix deal would make it go on forever (because Netflix is so well known for keeping shows around for 8 years? Never got the logic) like pretty much every streaming show it was destined to end at season 4 ot 5 at best.

Heck, given it started on DC Universe which was short lived then moved to MAX some would argue it was a good deal they lasted this long.

Not saying I am happy it and Doom Patrol are ending, especially Doom Patrol. But I also think we as viewers need to get used to the fact that if you want a show to run 7 seasons or more watch more network TV. Becasue streaming shows judge renewal by a whoile other metric and it is clear regardless of the service, they are not destined for long runs at least any time soon, and shows anymore are made with the expectation they will have a short run.


This is the reality of tv now. The fact that both of these shows got 4 seasons is beyond the success rate of current streaming shows.


I am not too surprised given all the ■■■■■■■■ that show has gotten. I think most of it came from 'it’s not like Nolan/Snyder/Batman: TAS’or whatever. Personally, I liked it, although I am behind on it. And personally, I think it’s for the best as shows starts to get bananas the further they last. Hell, do you remember the last time Simpsons was funny? Quit while you are ahead.


The state of superhero entertainment as a whole is changing once again, and with The CW shows also winding down and having had a decade (really) thanks to Greg Berlanti and his team for creating a primetime multiverse to inhabit, what happens next is an entirely new horizon!


Welcome back to the community, friend! I’m hopeful for the future of DC media. Maaaybe a new Titans show and perhaaaps a Martian Manhunter one, please, overlords? :eyes:


James Gunn was extremely fast in announcing he had nothing to do with this move, which made me laugh, because he knows his head is on the chopping block if he even remotely comes close to botching a DC live action movie. It was like a group of kids daring one kid to touch a breakable object that shouldn’t be touched, and said object breaks, and the other kids yell, I DIDN’T DO IT, an run away.

I really do not understand why HBO MAX would trash two pretty darn good shows in the DC Hub, I absolutely hated Hawk and Dove in Titans, I hated that bus that some how magically could hold an entire car in it, and have plenty of room inside, But I thought the show over all was moving in a really good direction, and getting better versus getting worse, same for Doom Patrol, I don’t know about everyone else, but to me that show just kept getting better every episode.

I would really like to be a fly on the wall, and find out exactly who the genius was that convinced the other geniuses to agree to cancel these two shows, where as The Walking Dead is such a cluster bomb, in order to save the original show, they keep making spin offs.

I think i need to make a youtube channel of DC puppets and just put on my own DC adventure / justice league / doom patrol puppet show.


I cannot watch this show because the writing is so horrible. Why have interesting characters like Donna Troy or Superboy if you are going to sideline them when things get interesting? I stopped watching mid season three when traitorous Dick Grayson poisoned Superboy with Kryptontonite.


Welcome to the community.

Welcome to the community, friend! Be sure to let us mods know if you need anything at all. Sorry you didn’t enjoy Titans :frowning:

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