TITANS - Can NO one do Dick Grayson justice?..

I walked into “Titans” with an open mind, & rather enjoyed the first episode of the show which left me wanting more…

With that being said, what’s up with Dick Grayson??

Dick Grayson has been my favorite character most of my life… & every time we get a cinematic adaptation it always seems to be “off” the mark…

Batman Forever/ & Robin, Dick Grayson acted like like Jason Todd… stubborn, hardheaded, etc.

& to be honest that’s why I never watched “Teen Titans” (cartoon) because I didn’t enjoy their adaptation of the Boy Wonder.

In my opinion “Young Justice” has been the closest to portraying Grayson & his qualities accurately, as well as how he operates in comparison to Batman.

Which brings me to this…

Why the fuck is Robin killing?!

I just can’t wrap my head around the idea of Batman & Robin killing in the name of “justice.” 80 years of comic book history, & this is what we get? A pissed off, angry, blood-thirsty, sociopathic Robin??

I understand the show is suppose to be dark & gritty, & he’s in his Nightwing stage but at this point it feels like we’re changing character core values… I’m hoping that as the show progresses the Titans bond as a family & Dick Grayson’s core values start shine…

But it’s a bit depressing when year after year your favorite comic book character is treated like comedic relief & has never received proper care or attention cinematically…

Christopher Nolan didn’t think twice about the significance of Grayson, but in my opinion, Robin has always been a light for Batman. A constant reminder to NOT cross that line, that he’s not alone… & that there’s a difference between them & the bad guys…

I will continue to have an open mind, but keeping my fingers crossed for that Nightwing movie…


He was brutal but didn’t kill anybody. The story arc right now is that he has become like Batman and in rough place trying to go solo. Let the season play out

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He didn’t kill anyone. He was just really mad at a child abuser. If you have read any arc about this kind of topic, maybe you agree with me that, both Bruce and Dick, when more violent against this kind of criminal (which I found a respectable position for a vigilante).

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Also it is not explicit in the series but probably Barbara has already been shot (just speculating). He should be in a lot of pain. Also, he just left Batman. Thats not easy, going solo for the first time. Im just trying to accept the character. So far I like the show. How Starfire is really aggressive. And Raven has no control over his inner “stuff”. Thats my explanation for the killings.

He was definitely dark and violent, but he killed no one. Which is four less than what he killed in the comics.


I really want to believe that he didn’t kill anyone, but that scene is very persuasive with its violence… Between the few rounds he fired off, & then straight up curb stomping the child abuser… I don’t see how someone can be like, “Oh yeah, he was using non-lethal force.” Since when did using a firearm become non-lethal?

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So you believe he killed the child abusers friends but left him alive? That makes 0 sense.

He didn’t kill anyone.

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Watch again. They all lived!

Oh the curb stomp was all on the guy’s chest


Oh and they are ways of shooting someone without killing. Not every body part is likely lethal

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I watched again, & on the second run through it definitely looks better… & you can tell he’s not killing… but he for sure stabs 2 people in the neck…

First time seeing the curb stomp, it looks like he pulls his staff out & stabs the dude repeatedly…

Yeah but nah just bashed the guy’s gut lol

His last action was to snap the guy’s neck. Watch it again. I went in braced for how violent it might be, and I still was not prepared.

Grayson is the template for Spider-Man. That is how he should be written when in costume. Witty, taunting. Flipping all over the place. Out of costume, I feel he should be nearly hopelessly hopeful.


That’s exactly how I feel about Grayson, Gnarrk.

Honestly the whole show seems off in my opinion, the only thing it has going for it is a possibility to explain Ravens powers more/better than other interpretations i’ve watched but other than that we get, as you put perfectly, a pissed off, angry, blood-thirsty Robin and from how he talks about this universes batman it sounds like he’s closer to the white knight or dark night version of himself (darker less caring and more lenient on his no killing rule). also what was the point of having starfire not remember anything of her past life that we as the fans no nothing about? im sure it’ll come up in later episodes but it just felt like a bad way to force her story to match up with Robin and Ravens stories, which would happened without the amnesia. If they wanted a Starfire like in the old cartoon Teen Titans just make her come from space that way you dont have to come up with a stupid reason for her to loose her memories, you know like an alien that is at times on par with Superman getting brain damage from a car crash. also last thing but what was the reason to have beast boy pop up at the end to steal shit? especially video games? if it were food or anything else that he might need then atleast the character comes off as sympathetic but when its one out of a shelf of video games he just comes off as a dumb thief without any better qualities. all in all i just dont understand why DC is having so much problems with live action shows, they could literally just rehash stories from their comics word for word and most fans would be happy but instead they keep trying to “reinvent” their characters as dark anti-heros who have to sink to the villains levels to beat them. its just so far off of (most) the comic/ animated versions of themselves.

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This was episode 1 out of 11 for s1. Let’s see it play out before stating this Robin does Dick Grayson justice or not. Shouldn’t expect them all to be like they should from the get go when the journey to that is much more interesting. Let’s see if the Titans coming together, becoming friends and a team makes a difference

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Jesus people, does context mean nothing? What scene was he in that would lend itself to being cheery, glib, and cracking jokes? I want a Dick Grayson that acts like a real life person, when something is tense the character should reflect that tone. As for the brutality, he is trying to intimidate murderers , pedos, and other human garbage, do you really think a witty retort and big smile will make these guys back down and change their ways?
Interesting characters have depth and complexity, go ahead and try to dispute it. That means having a range of emotions, tones, and flaws. Characters need challenges to overcome that leave them changed by the end of the tale. If I had to guess, his outlook on life is one of those things. That effects someone’s personality. So many complaints about tone, is that really what you value above all else with this team!?


Perfectly said!

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