Titans: Bloody + Awful =

Wow, as a life long Batman fan I guess I should be used to disappointment. Sadisdic violence, “heroes” dragging people’s faces across jagged glass… why call something a “reimagining” when it essentially betrays the essence of the characters. Why does DC have this complex against straight forward super heroes or action? We keep getting sold this “geek stuff is cool now” crap, but so much has been darkened and perverted. I shouldn’t be disappointed, but growing up on Bob Haney/Nick Cardy and Marv Wolfman and George Perez and then seeing this crap. No one who wasn’t a reader during the Wolfman/Perez era will ever understand the magic of those stories.

In the Wolfman/Perez version, there was lots of darkness too. Brother Blood was killing children!! In that specific story line, Starfire pointed out that her and Cyborg are inherently more violent but Dick keeps them in check. So, her reflexive violent nature made sense to me. That version of Changeling/Beast Boy was focused on self-gratification. So, stealing a video game makes sense. The 1980 series started similar too. Raven formed the team wanting help to get away from her dad. It seems that’s what she’s trying to do now. The only one that was out of character from the 80s Wolfman/Perez stuff was Dick. That Dick never would have dragged some guys head against a brick wall, curb-stomped someone or said what he said about Batman. But, the rest of the four were true to their 80s characterization.


Lots of Nightwing comics are very dark. So it fits.


Can’t both co exist? There’s light hearted classic comic booky stuff and there’s dark & gritty in every medium. Many are tired of dark and violent stuff but I’m also tired of feeling condemned for being a fan of it. I’m a fan of both and both can exist in the same mediums.

I love this show’s style and tone, love comics like this but am also egually a fan of the classic silver age type of stuff.


So you dislike the show because Dick was a little rough with a child abuser???

Lol, only comic book fans.


I gotta say, I don’t mind seeing child molesters getting their due.


*excuse me, child abuser


I haven’t watched it yet as I am waiting for the full season to finish dropping in a few weeks. But I gotta tell you, the OP’s description is leaving me impatient to watch them all.

Sounds good to me!

Variety in programming is a good thing. I’m not much for watching children’s programming, but there is certainly a market for such and it is a positive when people get choices. I’m ot in phase with much of what DC has done in this service, but a multiuniverse of programming can never be bad.



I recommend you watch this show weekly with the rest of us, so we can discuss our likes and dislikes on these threads weekly.


I would, IssacBrown, but not planning to watch it on my tablet and Fire app not ready yet. I might catch up when I get the app, but wil decide then.

But thanks for the comment. :slight_smile:

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I have no issues watching on my tablet at all but then again, I have a case with a folding stand and a speaker if I need it

And I have a Wife who would like to watch it with me.