Titans; best DC comics tv show

I’ll say it again; Titans is the best DC Comics themed show on TV… It is written for a mature crowd and has avoided the cheesy atmosphere of the CW shows. If Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol are this good, then we are going to have a great ride.

I actually count down the days until the next new Titans episode. Can’t say that about the CW shows, and especially the snore inducing Netflix Marvel shows. Keep up the great writing AND acting…I am hooked!!!


Totally agree and hopefully Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing and Stargirl are as good as Titans.


It’s right there with Gotham.

Those two shows are miles ahead of anything else Marvel or DC are doing.


The top 5 TV comic interpretations:

  1. 1st season Netflix “DareDevil”
  2. DC Universe “Titans”
  3. 1st season Netflix “Jessica Simpson”
  4. Gotham
  5. 2nd season of “Flash”

I cannot agree more. This show is all I ever wanted and more. I have always loved Robin (I grew up with Tim Drake), but this has really made me appreciate Dick Greyson. Anyways can’t wait for the next ep


I totally agree with you there. I’m really enjoying Titans more then I expected to.


It’s phenomenal…!! I can’t wait til Friday so I can black out my entire room and turn the volume up to max, btw the theme/ intro song has some mad bass in it, and watch one of if not the best shows going right now.


From the hate of the internet regarding the trailers I thought this would be very bad. Starfire’s outfit look so so bad, Dick looked like a boring jerk, and Rachel looked like a emo drama queen. Beast Boy was the only one I thought I would like.

I just started and only on ep 3 but to be honest I love Kory’s “hooker” look. I think its because she is such a strong character that it just fits her personality of “I don’t give a F what I look like because I’m a badass.” Love Dick’s character. Thought Rachael would be way too emo teenager but they wrote that character well too without eye rolling drama. Love all of them. Love the show.

Wish the haters would give it a try. Read a review on Rotten Tomatoes where someone gave it 1/2 stars yet said they didn’t even watch it. WTF!


Gotta disagree and say Gothem is… but that’s not to say that I don’t love Titans… should they release season one on blu ray I’ll definitely buy it.


I also disagree; it was very painful just watching the first two episodes. I am not sure I could make it through another. A group of ‘heroes’ devolving into psychopathic killers is just sad.

100% agree! It’s amazing and the production is just phenomenal… all around they’re just killing it and the CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!!!

And you’re right, if doom patrol and swamp thing resemble this then that’s crazy…like surreal crazy lol

Hype hype hype hyppeeeee


Same! This and Gotham are my two favorite shows! I don’t watch the CW shows, I couldn’t get into them. I’m stoked for Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing even without being previous fan of either comic because of the great storyline of this show. I have friends who love it without ever picking up a comic. It gives me such high Hope’s for Harley Quinn. I was antsy with their casting but now I’m so damn excited for it to premiere!


i Love how in the ending credits of TITANS, there’s synthesizer music; it really captures the 80’s vibe to it, and it works well and is a nod to the 80’s George Perez comics. it would be nice if DC surprises everyone w/Ben Affleck guest starring as Bruce Wayne/Batman. DC needs rebuild anew with the Batfleck-era retelling of Batman and regain all the fans trust again by vastly improving Affleck’s Batman and expand it by including him in TITANS to make up for that failed Suicide Squad cameo of Ben Affleck.

Nope, there are so many other shows that stay accurate to its respective comics. As for current shows, I think Arrow has them all beat due to the sole fact that Green Arrow was created to spoof Batman much like Arrow spoofs the Dark Knight Trilogy.

Sorry ABF but we disagree. Arrow’s seasons were 1 and 2. Then it got slow and mundane when Flash started. Flash has held the mantle since then until now.

Titans; The best DC Show.