Titans Atonement Nitpick

The OG Titans are a bit hypocritical, they also played a part in what happened to Jericho yet only blame Grayson.

I think that’s intentional – after all, Raven calls Donna out on exactly that. I think what we’re seeing is the OG Titans coming to grip with that, and right now they’re working through that.


I felt pretty much the same. As Jay Kay pointed out, it seems intentional, but they’re certainly being hypocritical (maybe not Dawn, since she was the only one who didn’t want to use Jericho). It also seems like a bit of an overreaction to finding out that Jericho wasn’t already dead when Dick arrived on the scene. The blame for Jericho’s death still falls squarely on Deathstroke’s shoulders; is it really such a big difference that he was killed after Dick arrived? The way I see it, their guilt had already been stirred back up, and Dick’s revelation gave them an excuse to shift some of that blame onto him. I’m glad Raven called Donna out on that.

Please check my recent post for my opinion on this!!!


And another thing to consider is what Donna asks in that scene, if he wad willing to lie by omission about what happened to Jericho, what else has he lied about?

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Has Donna told them who Slade’s intended target was?

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