Titans and Swamp Thing

Are all of the DC live shows going to be connected? I know Doom Patrol and Titans are going to be in the same universe but was anything mentioned about the other shows?

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I doubt Stargirl will be but really hope Swamp Thing is

I hope so.

Doom Patrol and Titans are the only ones that are connected. Swamp thing and Stargirl will be in their own universes.


I am so excited about all of this happening for us! Hoot! Hoot! Woo Hoo! HAHAHA Let’s Go! @toonatonian

Well we have a theory with the talk along that happens after the live Titans watch on Friday that Dick Grayson’s now-dead partner as a cop Amy will show up in Swamp Thing in the swamp as a shall we say resident… Josh the fella that publishes articles in the news here pn various heroes has the theory that Amy is not really dead by the way we’ll see.


From what I remember hearing from James Wan, right now there are no plans, but he’s not against a crossover, if they get the right idea for it.

I can see since Swamp Thing is going to be a hard R and Starirl is apparently going to be more light hearted why they wouldn’t be in the same universe. But while I am not as much of a continuity junkie and subscriber that connecting shows makes them better like a lot of Marvel fans have become (I know people who hate Daredevil literally for no other reason then it had no characters from the rest of the Marvel Shared Universe show up, that is it… the only reason is sucks). But I will admit it would be kind of cool if the DCU movies were all in the same universe even if only by minor mentions one or twice per show.

We don’t know yet. James Wan said that they aren’t going to force it being in the same universe yet.