Titans and shows coming

I love the new Titans show and I think based on its look I’ll be watching Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing even without being a previous fan of either. I’m so excited for the Harley Quinn show! Is there any comics you guys recommend from Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing to read to make the upcoming shows better for a new comer to them? I’ve been a very focused Titan and Batman fan over the years lol!

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Saga of the swamp thing, crawling from the wreckage doom patrol. Anything silver age for both if u wanna prepare for the shows. Arnold Drake & Bob Haney, Grant Morrison, Paul Kupperberg & Joe Staton ( not all silver age, some silver age & relaunches some under Vertigo, some both ) for Doom Patrol. Swamp thing Len Wein, Alan Moore, Andy Diggle. Hope u enjoy the awesome characters in both titles, they go from freaky to fun to horror depending on who’s version you’re reading.


I do love a good horror story, I looked at the new Doom Patrol but I couldn’t get into it. I’ll definitely check those out, thank you! I can’t wait to get into some new characters and stories!

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You bet, those are all the older Doom Patrols I gave u, started with oldest then went to around the 80’s, so if u didn’t like the new stuff those will be good. Swamp thing pretty much the same.