Titans already best current DC TV SHOW

This Titans is the best current DC Show because, IMO, it doesn’t have the campy vibe of the CW shows. The characters are fleshed out and the writing is consistent. The actors and actresses are really doing a great job as well…I just hope Doom Patrol can maintain the quality established thus far.


Also less episodes, which means faster pace


Titans is awesome so far.


Gotham, but Titans is a close second.

Gotham went off the rails. Titan is a better show.

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Gotham didn’t go off the rails, each season has been better and better


Nope…Gotham went off the rails over the is he joker/isn’t joker crap…jumped the shark with that shell game

Black Lightning is the best to me

The two best are Titans and Gotham. Gotham stumbled a bit with the 2 joker mess, I agree

My two favorites are Titans and Flash, with Supergirl a close third. I do find myself getting more excited about Titans these days though.