Titans 2018 is looking up (for now)

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere.

Acting is still too obvious for the most part, I wince at how silly it looks, still (i.e. the humor, the “oh-spare-me” tender moments, the interactions with non-metahumans, and the disingenuous swearing.)

The tone is still all over the place. Again, it’s supposed to be for “Mature Audiences”, but it still rings up as a disgruntled kids’ angst show that might as well be Power Rangers with a stereotypical “emo dark cloud” looming over its head. A fusion confusion. Not saying it never works, but just get it right. (watch Jason David Frank’s personal reaction video to the fan-made Power Rangers adult film and you’ll get an idea).

What sells it here is the last 10 minutes. Action being less rough and claustrophobic, and the world finally leaning towards being more fleshed out with cats getting out of the bag, character references and leaning to questions getting answered. In other words: Things are FINALLY happening.

Such a slow show, man. The only thing that I bought into prior to this was the dynamic between Raven and Robin, probably the only characters with common ground/interchangeably relatable (a staple in Titans whether it be Grayson, Drake, or Wayne) providing the best potential plot fodder that provides compelling interactivity and an enticing synopsis. It can go places is what I mean. Raven finding out who Dick was lasted a few seconds, but that was an enticing highlight for sure.

It can only get better from here. It has to. I’m a cafeteria fan and so I have to pick and choose what I like.


You’re so picky it isn’t even funny


I mean tone shouldn’t be singular. It’s dependent on the characters.


Couldn’t disagree with you more. Started out great. Doom patrol was a throw away episode, the nuclear family is ridiculous, and I absolutely cannot stand anything about what they are doing with starfire. This show is circling the drain.

Update 11/23/18:

After watching episode 7. Good lord. Episode 6 was perhaps the most entertaining of the series, but Episode 7 made a complete 180. That was the most boring thing I’ve seen in a long time. Viewer’s-frustration was through the roof, and really most of the show is really a drag to watch.

Makes me want to disregard everything I just said in the previous post.

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You bearly said anything good before. All of your posts regarding Titans are negative rants

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Titans is a great show. I agree with @TX85, a lot of hate for no reason here.


not boring if you know where to look … last week a Machiavelli painting foretells Jason Todd’s personality; this week another classic work of art in the Wayne safehouse encapsulates the Batman’s life story as well as the episode’s themes of rescue and despair vs. hope

It’s waaaaay too dark!

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I love this series but I did not like this episode. Nothing advanced other than finding a certain person. Many missed opportunities.

I LOVE YOU so much

Nothing advanced? Dick’s journey into being Nightwing is even closer and especially after the ending. Gar’s previous subplot about never biting someone, hating blood and never killing was delved into again.

Not every single episode needs to advance in such a big way


I just posted on thread that didn’t want spoilers by mistake so I’ll redo it then I’m done. This episode all the characters at some point faced the decision of either giving in or accepting their new no holds barred lifestyles. Tx85 covered the beast boy portion so I’ll just say he was visibly upset that he finally crossed that line. I loved how we finally got to see Raven in the iconic hoodie look, characters are inching closer to full blown Titans look every week. They are all in now, one for all & all for one. This episode cemented them as a team & there’s no turning back now, for better or worse,the damage is done & they all share an unbreakable bond. For sure a necessary next step in the characters futures together.

I’ve only watched the first 2 episodes and not sure I will watch any more. The gratuitous violence and blood splatter are way too common for me. I know if you look you will find each of these characters have in a comic, but these are not the ones I grew up with. Starfire smiling after incinerating her adversaries just didn’t seem right. The mos disturbing thing is the number of people that seem to enjoy it. I will try to watch some more but they need to lighten to keep me watching

Nah keep as it is, the darkness is just not for everyone and that’s fine.

Rigo…are you off your meds? Titans is BY FAR the best DC comics show on the air. Acting…fighting…story. Arrow is a shell of its self. Flash can’t find an original story. Supergirl is a wreck. Legends and Black Lightning are the best CW superhero shows.

But none of them are in the class of Titans.

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