Titan Ep.3 Discussion

Titans Episode 3 was as expected :fire:. This show keeps getting better and better. Starfire in this episode was the standout for me I love her personality and the way she acts so badass as Rachel would say, her interactions with Dick was great and I already see Dick and Kori becoming a big brother and big sister to Rachel. I know Beast Boy will be my favourite as we’ve only scene him twice for a short period of time but we see him bring the humour to the team and I can’t wait to see more of him. When my girl Kori burnt Dad to death I was like Yh get that fool he deserved that for what he did to my Dove lool. Wayne Manor had me hyped I love seeing it and also I love the way they have Bruce in the shadows. This series would’ve been great to Binge. Season 2 definitely needs to drop all the episodes at once because I’m tired of waiting for new episodes and talking about new episodes who see the Thumbnail for episode 4 ? Doom Patrol we’re ready. If you seen episode 3 let me know what was your favourite part or if you enjoyed it or not. And also tell me if you think we’ll see Hawk and Dove with their powers and if you think Starfire and Raven will learn how to fly in this season.


Ever episode is better than the last. Stat fire is the standout in this episode for sure. This show is awesome! Cant wait to see the doom patrol next week.


I was hooked within the 1st fifteen minutes of episode 1. I read about it a long time ago saw Minka Kelly was playing Dove and she exceeded my expectations. Sorry, I know this is an episode 3 thread. I’m with u on Doom Patrol can’t wait. One of my favorite teams in the DCU.


So, what was with the ultra violet tanning bed in Kori’s storage unit?


The only problem I had was the nonchalant throwaway “Oh by the way, your partner is dead” She was a cop. They don’t seem very bothered by it. It wasn’t even the first thing she opened with.

The flashbacks need to add Alfred to the Wayne Manor scenes. Dick should have been driven to the Manor by Alfred. Dick should have been shown to his room by Alfred. Dick should have been given Bruce’s letter by Alfred. Other than the missing Alfred thing it was a really good episode.

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I THOROUGHLY ENJOY TITANS! Starfire is AMAZING! Beast Boy is so adorable! Dick is back and had some redeeming to to in Rachels eyes. i love him being called out on his sh*t.
Is it just me or so Kory and Dick look like the pseudo parents of Rachel…lol