Tiny titans no longer in the app

I would totally be fine with this. Don’t exactly want children having access to comics like Preacher lol.


Creating a kids only app makes perfect sense.

Removing content from a subscription service that is only available to adults does not in any way comply with either version of KOSA. (Unless they’re promoting the service to kids, which is a marketing issue, not a product issue, they’re already “in compliance.”)

The only way this makes any sense is if the new service is really happening and there’s some copywrite/licensing compliance that the same product can’t be available under two distinct services simultaneously. (Which I find highly unlikely, as all modern titles are simultaneously available under Google Books, Amazon Comixology, and other platforms; though the distinction might be in available for purchase versus available by subscription.)

Just wish we’d get some proper explanation.


Sorry DC/WBD, I bought my comics. I own them.

When I want to re-read them you’ll get nothing and like it!