Tin Foil Hat Time

Now EVS is saying that he has gotten a tip that claims that DC Comics will stop producing comics June 2021… Not trying to worry people, but dang this doesn’t sound good for something I have loved all of my life…

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Unless some legit news sources report on this, I wouldn’t put any stock in it. I don’t doubt that EVS still has connections to people at DC, but he’s also been engaging in this sort of fear-mongering for a while now. Hell, it’s not even the 1st time he’s made this specific claim


EVS is just a sad, pathetic little has-been troll who’s fantasying about an industry dying because they wouldn’t excuse his abusive, bullying antics anymore. Frankly, him saying comics are dying make me think the exact opposite is going to happen.


Exactly. This feels more like a projection of what he wants to happen given that comics are going against his ridiculous Comicsgate mentality


EVS said DC will stop producing printed comics, not comics all together.

So can we officially start referring to EVS as Chicken Little? Cool.

Don’t put much value into anything Chicken Little says.


I’ve watched some of his shows, as entertaining and insightful as it is to hear his perspective, he clearly has a bias there. He seems bitter. When you get a corporate take over like DC and Warner had, things change not always for the better. The industry will have to evolve like all other forms of physical media. Apps like this are the future, digital. Absolutes, Omnibus’s, graphic novels is the future of physical comics. Single issues, looking iffy. This is all just my opinion. I have no insider info.

If we want to play do you believe that rumor, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other characters may start being sold and distributed to other companies. Apparently. WarnerMedia also would profit more if they merged with NBCUniversal.