Time to Organize

Time to organize the collection. Made me wonder what others look like. Send a pic and name what you collect. I collect Batman and JLA mainly. But I’m also a fan of Constantine and JLA Dark and Nightwing and Titans.

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Your collection looks awesome! Mine are unfortunately left partially organized in a few boxes because I don’t use them as much as they deserve to be used. I feel bad for them. I’m looking at binding my favorite series so I can properly display them. The rest I’ll probably donate to youth centers.


I made these cabinets in my garage. I’m not a huge fan of the cardboard boxes. They’re fine for common books or stuff you don’t want to dig out very often. I actually made these drawers with the intention of putting short boxes in the compartments but I never ended up doing it.

I have every publication the punisher has ever appeared in up to the mid-late 90s as well as 50% of everything else if you include trade paperbacks. I have a lot of Batman and a little of everything else. I collect silver age justice league, X-men, Batman. I have a large collection of Conan from the 70s as well as a fair amount of SS of Conan.

I don’t want to come off as bragging it’s not a super high value collection but it’s as cool as I can make it. I get a lot of pleasure from thumbing through the books sometimes. Some of it is stuff I’ve had since I was 10.


Very nice :ok_hand::blush:.


I’m mainly trades these days. I converted a closet into my office and added shelves for my collection. Check out my thread below.


Ya everyone zoom in on those. Really cool


I am so jealous of how organized you all are. :slight_smile:


I used to be meticulous. Then, sometime in the mid-2000s, with all the crossovers and renumberings and restarts, I just gave up. Now it’s a mess.


Trade Gang!

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That looks like the scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark


Okay, what does trade gang mean? I’m confused.

I am so overwhelmed by the prospect of having that many physical comics. I could never read them or give them the respect/time they deserve. Praise to everyone in this thread who has managed to build such a collection. I am in awe of you all.

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I’m mainly trades these days.

Ahem. I should have clarified. Trade “Paper Back” Gang!!!

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I went digital for a while and sold many of my physical books. Now I’m collecting physically again. What a foolish mortal I am lol.


So, we should start a trade gang? Book collectors unite!:fist:


Our collection will stack so high that it’ll block out the sun. Once the sun is blocked, the world will give into our demands. Bahahahah!




My stuff is all over the house (thankfully my fiancé encourages it)

My boxes that need organizing

Our Starro themed guest bathroom


Being surprised by Starro would definitely make me poop myself…definitely appropriate to have him in the bathroom :rofl:

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That’s a lot of comics and trades! So I gotta ask…do you ever buy a digital comic that you know you have, just because you don’t want to look for it?