Time for Man of Steel 2

With Aquaman poised to be a box office success similar to Wonder Woman; Shazaam looking good so far, and Green Lantern Corp and Batman in active development; it’s now time for WB to decide if they are interested in a JLA 2 or not. If they are IMHO they need to start a Man of Steel 2 and soon. They need to get the message of the audiences have given. Wash their hands of the Snyder view of life and lighten up. Christopher McQuarrie, Henry Cavill have already pitched a possible storyline with a heroic and optimistic Superman. If WB doesn’t move soon, all of their current actors will eventually finish out their current contracts, potentially move on and a complete reboot would then be needed.


I think they will wait and see if Aquaman and Shazam really do turn around public perception. As it stands now Justice Leage while making a small profit was ultimately a failure and it was clear a lot of the “we will give it a chance because it’s DC” goodwill finally went away, as fans got sick of being disappointed and a lot clearly spoke with their wallets. Which in turn was what finally got DC to change their approach to the DCEU.

If Aquaman, Shazam and the new Wonder Woman change perceptions (like it seems they potentially could) and DC movies become more associated with quality they might try another one. As it stands now, commiting to a sequel that under-performed and fans were not heavily behind is not a likely move.


Disrespecting the first movie, along the fans who loved it, in order to make a sequel that caters to people who hated the first movie is not the way to go.


By the way I liked JLA as did most of my friends. Not liking and disrespecting are not the same. I saw no disrespect in his or my post. Snyder is a good director, and a favorite among the actors who work for him, but the fact is he failed. Even the movies that made money underachieved by wide margins. It was obvious for DCEU to achieve success a change was needed. WB has time, with their production and Carvill’s calendars pretty filled there is no near term slots available, but a new Superman movie is need to build toward a new JLA movie.


I would love to see a lighter Cavill Superman movie. I wasn’t a fan of what they did with Man Of Steel personally, but I liked the little bit of him we got in Justice League.

He deserves another chance.

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I love all 3 of Cavill’s outings in the cape, and I dearly hope we get to see more of him. He’s my 100% favorite Superman outside of the comics, and the lack of news regarding a sequel worries me. I hope we get some news soon.


I loved Watchmen, and as a lifetime Superman fan, I loved Man of Steel.

Wonder Woman was very good. Not the biggest Aquaman fan but I’m looking forward to AquaBro and especially Shazam, though I hope we eventually get some of the wisdom of Solomon on board so he’s not always a doofus.

I think getting away from Zach Snyder is the best thing WB can do now to help launch Worlds of DC and get more competitive with Marvel.


I agree w/ this 100%. And to be clear Cavill’s pitch for the real man of steel sequel is based off the Superman for Tomorrow storyline which imo, is one of supes’ best stories.

I highly recommend the hardcover Absolute version to anyone who hasn’t read it. It’s a fantastic read.


I have not read it yet, but have heard only good about it. Hopefully after the dust settles from Aquaman and Shazam, WB will have time to make the decision to proceed with MOS 2.

I’ll pass. I didn’t care for Cavill’s Superman or for Batfleck - though I’m as much inclined to blame Snyder as the actors. Cavill’s Superman was a little better in Justice League. I’d honestly prefer a flashpoint movie that undoes the events of MoS, BvS, and JL, while also recasting the actors for those roles.

Cavill pitched For Tomorrow for the MOS sequel? Nice, the man has taste.

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I think they are doing the right thing in downplaying Superman and Batman for now because the emphasis should be on expanding the universe with their other characters. If you look at history (and in particular the last 20 years we had Batman and Superman movies and fans were only interested in those franchises. Every time they tried to introduce a different DC character the fan base would argue that we had to finish the Batman or the Superman series of films before they tried to do any thing else. If “The Batman” or a Superman follow on film were in production now, people would be talking about that and wouldn’t be interested in films like “Aquaman” or “Shazam”. Let’s give these franchises a deserved rest for a while and let the folks at the WB and DC Films market other characters as they grow their universe.

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