Tim Drake Was the Best Robin

The fact that Rh’s al ghul calls Tim Drake “Detective” implies he looks at Tim as Batman’s equal… proving that as Robin, he was the superior from the rest. Remember, Bruce left a will were Tim would end up being the CEO of Wayne’s enterprise when Rh’s al ghul went after it after his temporary death. Not Grayson and/or Damian.
Like everyone else’s opinion, Dick will always be a better Nightwing than a Robin. Just sayn… Lol
I love these topics.


Yep Tim def. became the most savvy of them all.

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No, I totally agree with you

This is an amazing take, honestly. I’ve never thought to judge who was “best Robin” based on who was actually the most effective sidekick. Dick is best suited to lead, Jason to rebel, and Damian, honestly, to be a villain more than a hero (I love the kid, but he’s got a lot of work to do). Tim is kind of inherently more suited for a team dynamic, and really, that’s a VERY cool thing about him.

Damian’s still my favorite though.


I can’t disagree! Such a great character!

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I feel that Dick is a better combatant and leader, Jason is the most ruthless and aggressive, Damian Is the most headstrong and lethal, and Tim is the best detective and most similar to Batman in regards to technique and method.

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But if I had to choose a favorite, it would definitely be my man Dick Grayson…without a doubt…but for the sake of this conversation, I do believe that Tim drake filled in the role of a “robin” more accurately and effectively than the others

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I personally really like Damian as Robin especially in the beginning. He is so much like Bruce but with less restraints. Jason todd wasn’t a great Robin but he has evolved into a great character now, its crazy to think that if he actually did die we wouldn’t have red hood which is such an amazing character now. Dick Grayson is really great and all but I am not a big fan honestly, he is too much of a boy scout from what I’ve read. I am not a fan of those types of characters, I really like the characters that walk that fine line between good and evil( anti heroes) they seem more real to me, like thats how a lot of people would be like. The whole doing bad acts but for ultimately good reasons.