Tim Drake Spoilers! - Batman Urban Legends #6


(thats me yelling for 3 consecutive minutes)

i am so so happy that this is happening. Tim means a lot to me and mirrors a lot of my experiences and im so excited to read more about this! I’ve always read him through a queer lens, having it confirmed just makes my day…no, my entire month.

i learned about this at work, my supervisor took me aside to tell me about it because id been having a bad day and knew it would cheer me up. I’ve been constantily giggling for the past half hour, cant wait to read the whole story later today

anyways, <3 <3 <3


It’s cool that you have a supervisor who cares. And tolerates long yelling in the workplace


im pretty sure he yelled as loud as me


Thank you!

I got spoiled for it somewhere else earlier, but I wanted to make sure it didn’t happen to anyone else.


Ever since I knew about this particular storyline with Tim, I’ve been keeping tabs on him everyday for updates on the story and sure enough today was the day! It’s very telling and interesting how collective queer experiences lead us to be drawn to certain characters. As a child of the Bat Family Tim had a closet deep in the bat cave to come out of. This makes the portrait of Tim drawn by Phil Jimenez I got from a comic convention years ago all the more special!


YES! Tim deserves some happiness. Tim and Steph have always been off and on I don’t mind their breakup besides I prefer Steph’s dynamic with other bat characters


Three decades of internal dialogue thought balloons — not one that ever suggested he thought something like “Dick’s gotta nice badonka-donk.”

It’s lazy writing plain and simple. DC could have introduced a new bi-character with a cool backstory but instead they just lazy it up with a sudden sexuality switcheroo.

This is why people stop buying comics.


Just like what they did to Alan Scott and Marvel did to Iceman.


Yeah. It’s ridiculous. The same lazy method of writing led Dick to become Nightwing. He had been Robin all that time and had never shown any evidence of wanting a new Hero identity, they should have created a new character to be Nightwing and kept Dick the same as he had been for years. For Shame, DC.


The point is that being Bi doesn’t sneak up on someone. Long before they act in it they have had inner thoughts, dialogue about their attractions.

For thirty years Tim has NEVER internally dialogued about dudes — no “OMG - Conner is really hot!”

It’s lazy writing - we can’t sell it on story so let’s just change the sexuality and see how long we can ride the wave.

It highlights the diminishing quality of writing at DC when writers start over-relying on current events to direct the storytelling.

And there are plenty of people who would have been cool with a bi-character. Why didn’t they just give Jericho a higher profile in a story.

But no - let’s just switch someone’s sexuality to something that has never been suggested even internally by the character. This is change just for change’s sake and it p¡$$3s people off who have followed a character for years.

Sorry to say but most readers aren’t bi- and kinda resent the fact that the biggest characters are having radical changes made that depart from three decades of canon.

Like I said. Jericho is Bi-. Why didn’t the writers just bring him into a story and give him some time? He’s been absent from everything for years now and people who like him might want to see him get some play.

DC had better start hiring more people like Christopher Priest and stop relying on people who write like they’re writing Young Adult novels for the high school library.


Why stop there?

Let’s have Batman and Superman finally knock boots. Maybe Wonder Woman and Lois can join the fun all in a polyamorous gaggle.
Nightwing too - sure he’s Batman’s son but they’re not really related and if it worked for Woody Allen …


Thanks for the link. I didn’t really read Young Justice or Robin, so getting a historical perspective on Tim is great and adds context to this story for me.

I can understand what some others are saying (I too thought Iceman was handled atrociously as well as Jean’s role in it). I think highlighting existing characters journeys and experiences of self-discovery in regards to sexual orientation can be a very fulfilling read for long time fans, especially if that character is already established as the explored orientation or is an under-defined or maturing character (coming of age). I think the shock/surprise aspect that some of these stories seem to have directly results in at least some of the negative reactions.


I’m not going do a long reply to this because these types of posts is what got the other thread closed.

But, the difference between the 30 previous years of writing for Tim’s character and now is that it is now acceptable for writers to write about topics like being Bi, without getting thrown out of the industry.

For a long time, every character was white and straight. Not because those are the only people that exist but because those are the only type of people media wanted to show in a good light.

It isn’t about ‘what type of thoughts Tim has had’ but about ‘What were writers writing about in that time period’.

Long story short, every time a character is changed by a writer there is backlash. No matter how small or big the change is. This is no different. But it shows how much Society is growing from where it has been.

I’m sorry that this one revelation has made you unable to see yourself in Tim. I hope you are able to figure out why this one difference has made that a problem for you.


All these moments of queer coding leading up to this is so similar to so many experiences of non-straight people i know, myself included so i think it makes so much sense and also now is a great time to do it


Very well said! :clap:


So, I’m just gonna throw my perspective into here (and I apologize for the snark, that might not have been the best start to this conversation).

I am Bi. I came out in October of 2020 and I can tell you that your statement is not always relatively true.

I had repressed my attraction and feelings for men for my whole life, only having them escape in little bits every once in while.

In October, I stopped and looked at myself and learned something about myself. I was bi, and I am bi. It was actually a shock to admit, and I think the arc that DC is going for with Tim is similar.
Sometimes it takes a long time for people to learn things about themselves.
We’re not the same as we were as kids as we are when we’re older.
We grow and change, and sometimes we even take steps back to grab onto something we had previously ignored.

Hopefully, I was able to get a point across, but I understand if by the end of the day we’re just not gonna see eye to eye.


Extremely Agreed.


i don’t know Tim’s whole origin story is that he watched Dick so well,that he found out his secret ID. also as someone who was very oblivious to thier own attraction, I can say you can definatly check someone out with out realizing or acknowledging it,due to internalized homophobia/stereotypes ect.


Thank you for speaking up, @Row.Harper and @SuperBlueGrodd. I had the same thought, it’s about what is acceptable for DC to publish now.

Also yes, it is possible to go 30 years without knowing you are bi. Even having “thoughts” may not be something you are consciously aware of yourself. The human mind can repress a lot of things in the face of homophobia and fear of rejection in society.

(Also Wonder Woman has been written to be bisexual since the 2000s and she sure as heck wasn’t written that way in 1941. Just something to think about.)


I’m not sure that’s entirely true. There were a number of characters that were gay or revealed to be gay around the time Tim first was officially granted his place as Robin
Pied Piper
Tasmanian Devil
Ayla Ranzz (Lightning lass)
Vi (Shrinking Violet)
Blue Jay
And comics even in the early 90s weren’t regarded as well in the public eye as they are now. It was still a niche market. (It still is, it’s just larger)