Tim Drake Spoilers! - Batman Urban Legends #6

It finally happened. Two months ago, I posted about the extremely heavy hints that DC was making Tim Drake bisexual, and now it’s finally happened. In a leaked tweet on twitter, it was revealed Tim Drake is bisexual. This tweet shows two pages from Batman: Urban Legends #6. For those saying “DC did this out of nowhere” or some version of that, Tim Drake has been a queer-coded character for a long time. If you think everything you’ve known about Tim Drake has been forgotten or that the Tim/Steph relationship was meaningless than you really don’t know what being BISEXUAL means.

Today please celebrate Tim coming out of the closet and DC for allowing him to come out. It means a lot to so many fans including myself.

The page:


I’m very happy about this, and hopefully will have a write up live on the DC website soon! But I feel like I should make this distinction: Tim has not confirmed that he is bisexual, gay, or any other specific flavor of queer. This is still very much a story about him figuring out his sexual identity, and I’m excited to follow him on his journey.

The boy ain’t straight though!


Dude - spoilers AND screenshots of a comic that was released today, posted before 8 AM EST, and the spoiler is in the header so there’s no way to avoid it. Please be considerate of those who would prefer to read the issue before having it spoiled.


Gotta agree here.


I wonder why Tim was picked for this story instead of Damian, who has been growing out of childhood and easily could have this be part of that narrative.

Tim just seemed out of the blue to me, especially since I thought I had recently seen him and Steph together and seemingly fine (not in breakup mode). I have not read a lot of his solo/focused series though, so if this story has been a long time coming for the character as someone hinted above, please, provide some perspective on that history.


I second @HubCityQuestion and @Locothedog123.

@Nathan.Payson Can you spoiler blur the screenshot and maybe fix the title?

I’m really happy about this but he isn’t confirmed Bi, but it is still a step in the right direction.

Also, I’m happy to see Bernard again.


I have written about this in the past. Every Robin, without exception, has had queer-coded stories, but there’s a particularly long tradition with Tim.



I’m really glad to see this happen since not going through w/ it after all the teases in this arc would’ve constituted queerbaiting. Though I do also agree w/ other people here that this really needs to be spoiler blurred


I know DC continuity is a hot mess but how old is Tim? In this art he looks like a young teenager. (Unrelated to the character development arc)



On one hand, cool to have bi male representation that isn’t just hot messes (looking at you Constantine). On the other…with the fact that it’s being done in the anthology title, I’m not entirely sure just how this will stick, and the fact that they broke Tim with Steph off panel to do this will never sit right with me.

Plus, if I’m perfectly honest, Tim is my least favorite Robin, so part of me can’t help but wonder “Why do this with the boring Robin?”


In Young Justice I believe he was just starting college, so he’s about 17-19, I think. I don’t know, the art looks right for that age – teenagers are super hard to draw, because they are in that weird half way place between child and adult, so you’re going to have a mix of young and old features. It also doesn’t help that a lot of comic artists just default on making teens look like shorter adults.


Admittedly I am older so everyone is a whippersnapper to me but he just seems extra babyfaced in this.

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I love Tim as a character but my only complaint about how this was done was the fact that he and Steph broke up off panel. They have been together off and on for so long I feel like the fans and Steph deserved a little better for closure. Otherwise, all the best on his journey of self discovery.


This has absolutely and completely made my day!!


This is getting ridiculous. Looks like the Seduction of the Innocent wasn’t too far off and is applying now. Next, Superman had some feelings for more than just women once upon a time. Talk a lot about creating new characters, seems like little applicability.

I’m not going to post again here, so I would appreciate no replies to this comment.


After seeing this, I’m not renewing my DC Membership.


I’ve never been a fan of changing charactors sexuallitys.


Updated the title.

There were spoiler tags on the image in the thread, but they didn’t work due to a weird formatting bug. I fixed that too. Sorry for the spoilers.


Hello! I just want to say something in regards to this topic. It’s understandable that people have favorite characters and they like those characters the way that they are, and that is ok! But, that doesn’t mean that those same characters cannot or should not be used to tell a different story.

Movies are recreated all of the time with different beginnings/endings, different character developments etc. It is perfectly fine to prefer one version of a character over another, it does not mean that we can no longer enjoy the previous stories that we’ve loved over the years.

I’ve seen so many celebratory articles, tweets, and blogs about this coming out. So many members of this very community that we know and love are ecstatic over this, and that’s not a bad thing, It’s a great thing!