Tim Drake should become a new hero.

I think it is time for Tim Drake to drop the Red Robin title and become a completely different hero like Dick Grayson did. We already have Damian as robin and Tim needs to do something to stand out a little especially sense he is one of the best dc characters in my opinion.




He should become Duckman.


I’ve always thought the name ‘Red Robin’ was lazy. Would have rathered something else but still connected to the bird family or just the color red. The Cardinal or Red Scarlet.

Yeah, Red Robin always felt like a place holder. Pretty sure it was one of our forum members who pointed out that Tim Drake was created to BE Robin, I know Dick and Jason were too, but Tim was the result of giving Robin an actual function beyond selling lunchboxes. As soon as they made Damien (a character that I personally cannot stand, literally anthromorphic edginess) Robin they killed Tim’s function. He was for a brief moment DC’s Spiderman. Now what?


They should make him Anarky but as a good guy like Jason Todd is to Redhood. I read somewhere I forgot but Lonnie Machin was suppose to be the third Robin instead of Tim Drake but someone beat the writers to the punch.

Ps: the article was “Anarky the boy who was almost Robin” it’s on Google.

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I do know years ago there was talk about making Tim the new Blue Beetle before they created Jamie Reyes .

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There was a point when they did infinite crisis and were going to actually kill off Dick Grayson I had hoped Tim would take over as Nightwing. Now I would like him to do a new character but I think you need to bring him in very similarly to the way Dick was changed over to Nightwing. Perhaps Flamebird and finally do away with Bette Kane entirely

I think the reason that he is red Robin is because he is the most loyal Robin. Not saying the best although he may be the smartest but he is by far the most loyal person in the batfamily and don’t think he ever wanted to stop being Robin he was extremely proud of being Robin especially cuz he kind of did it on his own. I think the name and hero he chooses is almost the best choice cuz it just showed how loyal he really was and speaks mountains about Tim himself. Just my take though :grin:

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but, didn’t Grant Morrison create Damien with full intentions for him to die?
The origins of Tim were plotted out so well in A Lonely Place of Dying. There was so much intent with his character. I wish he got more page time, and even some actual screen time! That story line would be a great one for the show Titans to draw from. Do A Death in the Family, and then bring in Tim, and then the Red Hood a season or two later? Just Spit Balling.
As far as if he is smarter, not sure there is a metric to gauge that off of. I think he has the potential to learn from his mentors, Bruce, Alfred, and Dick, and surpass Bruce in time. Depends on how the writers choose to handle him I guess.

That is correct. And it might have stuck if Grant had been allowed to finish his story outside of the New 52 continuity instead of being forced to harm both his own story and the reboot.

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